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Win a Wedding in a Week!

So my fiance and I getting married on February 20...that is unless we win a Los Angeles radio prize of a Wedding in a Week.  In order to win you have to receive the most votes.

Please vote for us to win the Wedding in a Week contest!  One vote per day, per email address.

Just log in, click Entries, find our picture (Sabrina & Ernesto) under the "C" page and vote! Voting is only until July 16th!!

The first time you enter you have to "sign up" it's kinda a hassle, but you only have to do it once. Once you sign up, you have to find our picture again and when you try to vote that time it will ask you to verify your email - click the option to have a link sent to your email - find the email in your box (it might go to spam)  but after that you should be good to go. Then for the days after you only have to find our picture, enter your email address and click vote!

Thanks girls!

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