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Cake / Flowers

I thought I wanted cake from giant... they dont deliver... the local place just down the road from the reception is $4 a slice ... Oye... Other place a lil further is $3 and has the cheaper cupcake option but i'm not sure about set up/travel starts at $40... So i'm getting a lil annoyed about that for some reason ...

Flowers...went and found a cute fake bouquet at a flower and craft warehouse they are lovly ... im trying to find dark red ones to macth for the bmaids... had a floral appointment with a lady I know and the prices are just rediculous ... Is it weird to have half fake and half real flowers ? I just dont see spending that much money on stuff that dies... I think I might go back to doing it myself instead of the lady ... So how do I tell her that it's too expensive ? She's a nice person and I know her family I know she is trying to make a living but really it's just too much ...

Anyone else just have sticker shock and want to just scream and not having something at their wedding because of the price ?? lol ...
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Re: Cake / Flowers

  • Yep. I had sticker shock A LOT. I talked to my vendor and people in the area in the wedding biz on who does a good job for a low budget. Try this. 

    What is the style of your wedding? If you are wanting red roses or the like, you could always order from 1-800-flowers and arrange them yourself (I would do a lot of practicing first!). I have known people who did this and it looked beautiful. 

    We are having cheesecake instead of wedding cake. We made a deal with a cake person that we would buy the cheesecake and she would decorate the cake. It worked out to 75.00 TOTAL. 

    Another thing to watch out for is cake cutting fees. Make sure your caterer can serve the cake at no extra charge to avoid that. 

    Good luck! I hate this part of planning. It's super stressful! 
  • My best advice with these things is just to tell them what the limit of your total budget is with taxes, fees, and all, and have them work around that.  Whether that means working with these people or finding someone new will have to be up to you.  But I think we all have a bit of sticker shock.  My only caution about doing things yourself is that unforeseeable things could happen that makes it just as expensive.  I remember I made the save the dates myself, and it ended up just as expensive because of so many problems.  Not to mention, it sucked up a lot of my time.  Another option is to my a florist who works out of her home or lives further from a city, where prices might be a little lower.  Good luck! 
  • Oh! Grocery stores make cakes too! Go in to the bakery and ask about their options. I did that and couldn't tell the difference between those and professional bakery ones. 
  • I tried that with the cakes but no one delivers and i'm not sure about someone I know picking it up /having to drive slowly etc...
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  • I had sticker shock repeatedly throughout planning. And someone who delievered was essential because there wasn't anyone who could pick it up. So we paid more for that.
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    Yeah...we paid as much for the cake as we did the reception venue.  But, it was beautiful, delicious, and there wasn't a single slice left (and it served 250 people).  One of the bigger things for us was the icing.  Neither of us can stand grocery store icing.  Way too sweet for us.

    We did flowers through one of the local Krogers.  It was less than $200 for all bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, and flower girl petals.  The independent florists we met with in the same town all quoted between $1,000 and $1,500 for the same flowers.  

    We used fake flowers for the pew decorations and centerpiece for our sweetheart table.  
  • I think i will look into the flower options because i was quoted like 700 from the lady that i know /met with and I just about fell off my chair .
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  • Well Giant does not have red velvet cake... No go ... Local grocery store does and they deliver. Teir cakes are major expensive, forgot to ask about sheetcakes... But the cupcake option is actually really good and it includes decorations/colors.
    I have one other family friend that I am getting a quote from but she lives pretty far away .. Progress in one day ... YAY !

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