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My dad has been in the hospital since Saturday morning.  He was diagnosed with Pancreatitis and Type II Diabetes.  His blood sugar has been high since Summer 2008, so we've been waiting for the DM2 diagnosis.  However, today he had his first meal since Friday night...2 cups of sugar-free jello, because of how severe the abdominal pain has been.  They're also looking at his gall bladder and liver and hope to discharge him Wednesday afternoon.

He'll be 48 on Thursday, and we're hoping that the diabetes will force him to change his eating habits and lose some weight (he's not a skinny man). He's a paramedic, so staying fit enough to remain on the road in an ambulance is crucial to his career.

So, please pray that the doctors can figure out all of what's causing the pain and can lay out a treatment plan & diet for him to follow, and for his & mom's sanity (medical personnel make the worst patients).  

The plus side is that mom is a nurse in the ER so she's in the same building as him...the downside is that she's a nurse in the ER and "breaks" are nonexistent.

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