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Dear FI (DH) Friday (altho i missed yesterday.)

So i wasnt able to go online yesterday....but do 
Dear FI (DH) anyways - 

write a letter to FI or DH for saying whatever you want to say for the week.

and goooo! (:

Re: Dear FI (DH) Friday (altho i missed yesterday.)

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    Dear FI:
     oh my goodness i miss you!!! but i have got a lot down with the wedding plans! 
    i cant wait! i am glad to hear school is going good and i am SOO excited that you bought the xbox. 
    we will have LOT of married fun together! 
    love you!!

    your future wife
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    Dear FI

    After a week of apartment hunting I'm too mentally drained to make major decisions about furniture. You're killing me smalls, you're killing me!

    Your loving FI,
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    Dear FI,

    You are awesome.  Like, no really, super amazingly awesome.  And I can't wait to see you tomorrow!  :D

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    Dear FI,

    I'll start by saying I love you!!  Then thank you for dealing with my grumpiness as I approach that time of the month - I know I'm off and I'm sorry, I just wish it would come and go but we both know I'm close which is why I'm so grumpy.  Thirdly - I know I've never been all about God with you before, and you weren't raised with it, but YOUR Mema whom you absolutely adore, sent me that One Minute Sermon over Facebook and while watching it you went, "Oh my Gosh, shut up."  I know you don't appreciate it, and before I might have agreed, but I asked you to be nice and you just looked at me.  I didn't mean to irritate you, I'm just worried about you.  I know we are supposed to get married May 1st, as it's God's will.  I just pray God gives me the strength, love, patience, kindness, hope, and faith to blossom in my relationship with Him and get back on track, as well as keep you from turning away even farther since you've never know Him.  Only God is in control, and only He can speak to you.  Thank you for your patience so far, even when you're not interested in discussing it - please continue to be patient and understanding with me.  I really do love you!!  And us being together is definitely God's plan, which I'm thankful for.  Thanks again, honey.

    Your "a-million-emotions-at-the-same-time-because-she's-learning-to-trust-God-and-is-almost-at-that-time-of-the-month-again" girl

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    Dear FI,

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for spending the day with me even though I've been sick. I've missed you over the last week and not being able to see each other has been a real pain. I didn't want you to get sick, but seven days is just too much. ;)

    Thanks for putting up with the craziness of letting everyone know we're engaged. I know you hate the attention, but you've done so well so far.

    You rock,
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    Dear FI,

    Thanks for watching Toy Story 3 with me on Friday and thanks for not making fun of me TOO much when I cried during it. I had fun doing the xbox kinect thing with you at my parents' house. I'm SO glad that they love you so much and that our families mesh so well. I love you so much! 

    Your future wife
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    My Love,

    Thank you for traveling on this spiritual journey with me.  I know we are not sure where we are going right now, but I am confident the lord will lead us where we need to go.  I will continue to pray that we find our way.  Thanks for always being supportive.

    Love Always,


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