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Prayers for health issues

I've written on here about my newly diagnosed asthma and some of my troubles related to it (namely, the way my symptons go away and come back every few weeks). Well, my symptoms came back and my medication and inhaler basically stopped working, so my primary doctor referred me to a pulmonary specialist, mostly because she said standard asthma shouldn't be this difficult to control. 

Naturally, I'm a bit concerned about this appointment, mostly because I can't get in until Dec. 12. I had already made an appointment with an allergy/asthma specialist that I think I will still keep.

I just wish I could feel better, I get winded walking up a flight of stairs and I've been coughing so violently that my ribs and the muscles in my back are tender.

Please pray for relief.

Re: Prayers for health issues

  • Pulmonary specialists rock and know so much more about controlling asthma than the standard care doctors. Don't be scared. They are very good at their jobs!

    I'll be praying for relief. For right now, use your inhaler as much as you need. There's no sense in making yourself suffer and the specialists will know what medications to get you on so that you don't have to use your inhaler as much.

    Feel free as always to PM me on Facebook with any specific questions you have. :) *hugs*
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  • praying!
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  • Asthma sucks. Been there, done that. I feel for ya girl. Sending prayers and positive vibes your way!
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