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Prayers for fiance please!

My fiance had a phone interview with a company in Milwaukee about a year ago ... That company told him they had another need that was more crucial to fill, but they would keep his resume and encouraged him to stay in touch. He has been emailing him every few months since.

Last week, he got an email from that company, saying they had a few openings and they wanted to talk to him and catch up. They did, and not only did they invite him for an interview, they offered to show him around the city since he hasn't really been up there before. He is feeling really good about it; the company grew 20% last year, which is pretty impressive considering the current economic climate, and it's looking like he would be able to get a decent salary increase if he got it.

Please pray that he ends up at a place that will allow us to begin our marriage on solid financial footing.

God bless.

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