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Are there any Episcopalians out there who can name some popular wedding hymns for an Episcopal service? No, we cannot use the wedding march, Cannon in D, or secular music.

We need hymns from the hymnal, and I'm recently converted, so I'm more familiar with Catholic hymns, which are not the same, from what I've experienced. (I'm constantly sight singing in church...)

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    We used Beautiful Saviour and Blest Are They.  Are those in your hymn book?

    Some other favourites of mine are Great is Thy Faithfulness, A Mighty Fortress is Our God, Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee, Immortal Invisible (God Only Wise).

    Does your FI (if he is Episcopalian?) have any favourites?
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    Nope, we are both recently Episcopalian. I was formally Received about a month ago, and FI is heading that direction. He is from the Southern Baptist faith, though, so I think my knowledge of the hymnal is probably better than his. His old church (from high school, as he quit attending church during college, like a lot of people) used guitars and contemporary music. We've got a year before our wedding, but I'm just trying to feel out some songs. Otherwise I'll be sitting in service, writing down hymn numbers that I like on my iPhone.
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    We sang Joyful Joyful We Adore Thee during the ceremony.  I chose it because the tune is familar for most people.  Even though I've been attending only Episcopalian services the past three years, I'm still sight reading.  I feel like we rarely repeat a hymn!

    Our last prelude song was Schubert's Ave Maria - I didn't know at the time that it's more associated with Catholic services.  For the mothers and BMs the processional was trumpet tune in D (Purcell), and I came in to trumpet voluntary in D by Clarke.  Our recessional was La Rejoissance from Fireworks Suite by Handel.  Classical music was allowed at our Episcopal church, obviously. :)

    We were given a list of appropriate songs.   It came in the booklet with the list of appropriate readings. :) 
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    From a former Episcopalian, now Anglican:

    Ask to borrow a Hymnal from your parish. It has a section for "Weddings" or "Marriage." It also has  suggestions for each part of the service (processional, recessional).

    Hymns are important to my family, and our choices are strange, but if you really want ideas:
    Processional - The Church's One Foundation
    Sermon Hymn - Sing Praise to God Who Spoke Through Man [not in the Hymnal 1982, in the old Hymnal 1940]
    Offertory Hymn - the 1 wedding hymn by John Newton, can never remember the name
    Recessional - For All the Saints

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    Thanks everybody!
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    Yep, I was going to tell you that the Hymnal actually has a Marriage section. I think it's like 4 songs long though (I think around the 350s?) I actually bought a hymnal, but I'm too lazy to go find it for you now...

    Oh! but if you google the hymnal 1982 it is available online!
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