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So, ladies... how's the weather?  I don't mean the actual temperature, precipitation, or barometric pressure... I mean, how are things going?  Are you experiencing loss, joy, stress, relief, happiness, fulfillment, loneliness, community, fellowship?  

Just wanted to know how everyone is doing... It's been a while since the last updates, and life can be an adventure every single day.  Let us know how we can pray for you, or share your moments of joy so we can praise God for you too!  

My weather ... is pretty tumultuous right now with rare moments of calm.  The clouds are moving pretty fast, and the only difficulty is that I can't see what's coming and can't prepare for it either.  I have an idea (new job etc coming down the pipeline) but no specifics as to when that new job will start, when I can resign the old job, etc.  Also don't know what things I need to do to prep for the new job at the new school, so that uncertainty is difficult.  I've been playing "avoidance" with it because I just can't think about it anymore.  Things at church are getting to be pretty awesome since I've re-joined the adult choir and found a new place of fellowship every Wednesday night and Sunday morning!  So, things to celebrate, and things to pray over, for sure.  

Okay, your turn!! :-) 
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Re: Your Weather...

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    -17C with the windchill... (that is 1 deg. F for you Amerrrrcans).  And the zipper on my coat broke the other week (the new winter coat I bought last winter with my Christmas money) and so I've been cold walking around.  And 2-4 cm of snow between now and tomorrow morning!

    Seriously though... 
    Wedding planning-wise, I'm stressed.  I want to get these big checks done (florist, baker, DJ) because the detail stuff can wait.  By my FI travels a lot and it's hard to get decisions made and have meetings with vendors.

    Other-life-wise, things are okay.  I am excited about my project at school/work but am having serious serious motivation issues.  A lot of the day I sit on TK and do wedding research and don't do what I'm supposed to.  I keep saying "I'll do it tomorrow" and then I never do.
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    I was stressing the other day about some of the wedding planning, but those clouds have passed.  I am pretty peaceful.  My job is challenging but fun and rewarding (though I wish I got paid a little more, but who doesn't).  My relationship with FI is going great, and he and I are enjoying reading through the New Testament together this year.  I had a fun little sleepover with a couple of my friends last weekend, and it feels great to be still that close to them even though we don't see each other every day anymore since I graduated college.

    Yup, I'd say it's sunny with a high of 75.  ;-)
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    The weather outside is frightful... Haha. It's snowy and we are supposed to get a few inches tonight. I am a teacher, so I'm hoping for NO CANCELLATION tomorrow (I don't want to have to make it up).

    My personal weather- sunny! Fiance and I are great. Family, friends, job are great. I just joined the praise and worship (music) committee at my church, so now I am helping plan songs for Sundays and singing too. Ry and I are doing the year of the Bible with our church. This will be the first time I ever read the ENTIRE Bible, so I am very excited! Wedding plans are great, too! My MOH and I are going to look at shower venues this weekend. And the Steelers are in the playoffs- we play the Jets Sunday! So all is good. 

    Prayer request: my good friend's grandma had surgery today to remove a cancerous tumor, so please pray that they got it all and that God will be with her and her family. Thanks!! 
  • GJones27GJones27 member
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    Outside, it's not bad for a winter day in DC!

    Personally, my weather is gray and dull.  Life isn't bad; it's just not super delightful at the moment.  I work long hours in an office by myself, and I go home to an empty apartment at night.  And on the weekends I do chores.  FI is up in Boston for school, so I don't see him very often.  Nonetheless, I'm still grateful for the all the blessings I have, and I know the sun will come out in four months with the wedding!
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    Weather here is partly cloudy.  It is more cloudy over my workplace and more sunny over my home.  I think I love my husband more every day.  Last week on my birthday we were supposed to go to New York City for a Broadway show and when the bus line canceled (due to snow), he offered to drive there so that I could go to the show.  It would have been 8 hours of driving.  He is sooo sweet.

    Work has not been so great.  I applied for this job almost 3 years ago and wanted it so badly.  It took about 6 months for me to finally get the job and I was so excited about it.  About 6 months into the job, our department was absorbed into another department and the job was changed so that it was much more technical and now I hardly see people that I used to work with.  Then I was assigned to work for a guy who (long story) is very difficult to work with.  Anyway, I don't want to go on and on but I'm pretty miserable and feel pretty stuck.  I definitely need to pray about it more.  On the bright side, everyone else I work with is equally miserable so we can commiserate together.  Smile
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    AshNoel - did you have school today?  It's going to be really cold this afternoon / tonight where I am but otherwise we are not expecting any snow just yet.  We've had more snow this winter than in a loooooong time, so we're just bracing for whatever is going to come!
    I liked the weather analogy.  Hope you all did too :-)  

    I'll keep you ladies in my prayers as well.  I'm making it, hour by hour, day by day. My song today starts with "Every Move I Make I make in You, You are my way, Jesus!" 

    Happy Friday!! 
    July 16, Our Wedding Day, is also International Juggling Day!
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    Kelly- NO, school was cancelled, grrr. But I am looking on the bright side and using this extra time to get wedding things done and do some things that I have been putting off.

    I will pray for all of you! Have a good day!
  • mattycammattycam member
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    Weather in Canada is cold, lol

    Personally - Sunny with cloudy periods. Everything is okay. Guest list has been a challenge in regards to keeping numbers at a reasonable level. One of my close friends may not be coming to the wedding because of something that indrectly has to do with her (long story). Hope she changes her mind.
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    Outside the weather has been perfect.. sunny and upper 70's all week. But I feel you ladies' pain of cold weather and snow. DH and I grew up in Connecticut, and we moved south about 4 months ago to get away from it and the ridiculously high real estate prices.

    But on the inside, my weather is also pretty calm. I dealt with a very dibilitating illness that I'm pretty much recovered from, but it's still not completely gone. I had labyrinthititis and I wouldn't want to ever hear of anyone suffering from it. The "seasick" and nauseous feeling is enough to knock you off your feet. You can't go in public without mini-attacks and freak outs and you get pretty bad headaches and neck pain. I'm doing so much better, but not completely out of the woods. Because of that illness, DH and I never went looking for a new church after our move, so we're starting to look around and want to find something we both like and feel like it'll be our home.

    We have a lot to be thankful for, both DH and I secured great jobs down here and we're hoping to buy a home and start TTC at the end of this year.
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    You know those days when it looks for all the world that it could just start pouring at any moment, and sometimes it might, but 20 minutes later, the sun is bright as ever...and as soon as you get time to sit in the sun...the clouds roll back in? 

    That's what it it's like right now.  The semester is going well and FI is getting ready to move out to KS.  I am so excited to be finishing school and starting our life together in June.  His family has been beyond supportive in all of mom has not been.  She told my aunt she was angry at God for wanting Fletcher in KS, angry at Fletcher for even considering a job that far away, and angry at me for being ok with going.  I know she has to work through it...and, to her credit, she did tell my aunt not to tell me she was upset.

    I'm going home this weekend, but FI is coming in to visit Sunday afternoon!!  It's going to be a sweet, but tough week...
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    It looks like things are clearing up for me.  School has been sunny but windy, aka very fast-paced.  I was scheduled for 25 hours (teaching, not credit), but there was one chemistry section that wasn't covered yet.  I'd told my chair I could take it if he was really in a pinch.  I thought it Tuesday evening, and it was GREAT.  I saw my chair on Wednesday, and I have the class!  They're a great bunch of students, and I'm greatful for the extra pay, but I am certainly very busy!

    The clouds are clearing away at home.  FI got some very bad news three days before Christmas.  It has been weighing on him, his family, and myself very heavily.  God opened doors and FI is in Chicago for a few days.  After Monday it is out of our hands all we can do is pray and wait until March when we find out the results and if the ordeal is over or if we'll continue to face certain challenges. 
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    Thanks for sharing everyone... I just feel like we're so hit-and-miss on the board that we miss seeing people from time to time.  So glad to know that we can say PRAISE THE LORD for some things for sure!  I'll remember all of you in my prayer with the choir this morning.  :-) 
    July 16, Our Wedding Day, is also International Juggling Day!
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