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need prayer for a job, please. (:

nwr but i just had a job interview today. i already have a job....but i am looking to get another. it would be monday through friday 8-5. :) so perfect. right now i work at a hotel and i work all types of days and i work 3-11 with 4 "stayovers" a week. so basically i stay at the hotel in a management relief quarters and get paid $25 for the from 11pm - 7am (when the next shift comes) i am here "just in case of emergencies". its OKAY right now...but i know that i will not want to sleep away from my husband. and with this new job i can get off and still come home and make dinner for my future husband. (: and i am sure it pays more and after 3 months i get benefits! i know it will be more work...but i think overall it will be worth it. so please pray!  

Re: need prayer for a job, please. (:

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