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@kellya or anyone else who knows veils:

I remember a while ago you said you ordered your veil from valuveil.  I wasn't going to do a veil but they are so cheap on that site and I'm considering getting one, if I decide not to wear it then it's not a lot of money lost!

Do you know what the different edges look like?  The site says:
- crisp cut
- satin ribbon
- satin rattail
- pencil edge

and I have no idea what those are (except I can imagine the satin ribbon one)...

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    The crisp cut edge is basically cut tulle.  It doesn't have a particular border or anything special.  Since my mom is adding lace, we needed a plain edge.

    The satin ribbon edge has a white or ivory ribbon sewn around the outside.  

    I don't know about satin rattail...

    If I remember correctly, the pencil edge is the one where the tulle is turned up to form almost a bead of fabric around the edge, as far as I know.  It is popular because the veil is a little less "fragile" since the border is more fortified.  

    I absolutely LOVE my veil.  We got scattered pearls, 1-tier, cathedral length.  The nice thing is that the veil is attached at the comb by velcro, so if you want to take it off for the reception, you can remove it without messing up your hair!! :-) 

    Love valuveil.  Especially since it was only $21.99!!!

    HAHA I'm gushing a little... sorry! :-) 
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    Cool.  Thanks.

    Re: velcro - so you would undo the velcro and leave the clear clip with velcro in your hair for the reception?

    Is the velcro secure?  Like if people hug you with your veil on will it undo?

    For $20 I almost want to order one to just wear around the house and not even wear it for the wedding.
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    Oh the velcro is VERY secure... I couldn't get it off by a womanly pull... Mom could get it, so I don't think it would haphazardly come off.  We figured for that price, we'd try it out and we're pretty happy with it.  :) 
    July 16, Our Wedding Day, is also International Juggling Day!
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