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Wednesday QOTD

Did you give anything up for Lent? Have you ever in the past and been succesful? 
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Re: Wednesday QOTD

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    Not this year. I've tried in the past and I haven't ever been successful. I'm thinking about doing another week-long fast (it's not a total fast, it's a extremely limited diet fast) though. The first time I did it I had several eye-opening moments. (Plus it got me into drinking tea!)
  • I'm giving up my nice breakfasts.  I'd been indulgent lately eating pastries etc for breakfast.  For Lent I'm givng that up and it's just tea/water/juice.  No hot choclate either.  No cheating my eating a really early lunch.  So far so good.  I felt right about the decision during Ash Wednesday Service.
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  • I did not give up anything this year. I gave up sweets last year and was somewhat succesful. 
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  • Umm let's see. I've given up a few things and was able to break a few habbits. Also when I was at Bible Collge I was reading my Bible all the time to the point where I wasn't praying anymore and it was like a textbook I was studying for school, so I gave up my Bible! I had to rely on talking to God for awhile and it was really good for me.

    This year I decided to add thankfulness. So each day I think of 5 things I'm thankful for. In a way for lent I am working on changing my attitude. ;-)
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