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Pray for the basket case

I am in a long distance relationship and with in the last two weeks or so it's become increasingly hard on me not being able to see him. I know should cherish every phone call and skype date but those don't fill the void I have of missing him.Everytime I talk to him I become an emotional basket case. Hormones could be partially to blame in all of this. Once a month I turn into an emotional basket case and then I get better and move on. But being a basket case when I know it's not helping any part of my life makes being one that much more miserable and I can't seem to get out of it. Yes I have prayed and I am currently trying to memorize scripture. But my relationship with Fi and with God is not where I want it. I feel like a cross between Psalm 46 and The Voice of Truth by Cast Crowns. I have voices saying awful things and I'm trying to be still and know God is God. I know this might seems strange or something like that but I'm just a 20 year old wanting to be closer to the two most important people (God and FI) in my life and I feel like I have failed.
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Re: Pray for the basket case

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    I'm sorry you're going through this, is there a close friend/family member you can pray for you about this? I hope you don't feel guilty about missing your FI, there is nothing wrong or sinful about that (in fact it would be a little odd if you didn't miss him at all).

    Also, obviously prayer and scriptures are a must for a situation like this, and I think you should be praying WITH FI about this. But if there are physical factors that are bringing you down, maybe there are physical things you can do that will help: dark chocolate always helps me when I get hormonal, hot tea, and excercise. Oh, and music.
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    Have you talked to a doctor about your horomones?  I know you just write it off every month, but you don't have to go through it over and over.  There are medications - particularly birth control - that can stop your horomonal emotional disturbances.  And if you're already on the pill and having these issues, you probably need a new pill.

    Praying for you either way.
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    I will keep you in my prayers this week!  Something you might try is finding additional ways to get plugged in with your church or community.  The female emotions and brain sometimes needs a chance to connect to someone and something beyond ourselves to keep emotions in check.  My pastor used to say idle minds are the devil's playground ... and while that is just an expression, the piece I take from that is that I need to keep myself busy and actively involved with things, otherwise bad thoughts (like you said, voices) can infiltrate your mind and make for a tough time.  

    We're here for you, so feel free to depend on us (yeah, I know, "anonymous" internet friends)... but all the same, we have an understanding of what you're going through.  Keep your chin up, and pray for God to bring you through it!! 
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    I was in a LDR for 2 1/2 years with DH and we were actually living about 7 hours apart until our wedding day.  It was hard for sure but we talked every day, saw each other about every 3rd weekend and emailed/texted frequently.  I just knew that someday we'd be together and that is what gave me hope.  Have you thought about talking to a doctor (as sessions said) about the hormone issue?  That may help.  Also, if you have someone in your church who would be willing to be your prayer partner and either get together in person once a week or on the phone to pray, that has always been a great encouragement to me.  Hang in there.  Your wedding is not far away and you can make it.
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    I agree with everything everyone said! Remember that, very soon, you will NEVER be apart. Keep that thought in your heart as you pray. Cherish each time you get to talk to him. Also, how awesome is it that you CAN have skype dates in this day and age?! At least it's not 100 years ago where all you could do was write letters haha. I agree about the exercise thing, too. It really does make you feel great! Use this time, too, to work on wedding stuff. It will help you focus on the day when you will be united as one and will never be apart. 

    BTW, what happened with your photographer situation? Did you find one? 
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