MUA: yes... no?

Woke up early early this morning for the Bellevue Nordstrom Makeup Event which was fun! Except for the early wakeup call for it at 7am.. but got to have front row seats to their fashion show which was nice. I also had an makeup appt at the MAC station which I ended up buying a bunch of stuff.. >__< I admit I'm a makeup junkie/addict and I LOVE doing my own makeup.. but my question is.. should I really think about investing in a MUA for my wedding day? I know I can do my own and save the money but FI thinks it'll be nice for me to have someone tend to my makeup instead. I don't know.. I rather save the money but what do you girls think? Also, if I do want a MUA, would I need to hire them to do my bridesmaids' makeup also? I know my girls can do their own also.. but wasn't sure how that works.

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    It might be nice for you to have someone do your make up, but if you are confident on your own I don't see why you have to hire someone. I has a MUA, but helped my girls do their make up and I didn't mind. It was actually a nice distraction.

    I don't think it is required to have BM have their make up done. I gave my girls the option. I didn't feel like they needed to pay the money for it.

    Some brides pay for their BM's to get make up done as a gift. It's nice, but not required.
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    I think if you're very good at doing your makeup, and know how to make it last 8+ hours and feel comfortable applying enough that you won't be washed out by your photographer's lighting/flash, then go for it. If not, hire a pro.

    If you end up deciding to hire someone, I'd just e-mail your BMs and ask if anyone is interested in getting it done. I can do my makeup but I usually opt for a pro to do it when I'm a BM. I just enjoy the primping I guess. =)
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    I'm looking into one for mine. I never use make up and  i know i'm going to want some for my big day. I'm just gonna ask my BM's if they want theirs done as well, otherwise, they can do it. As long as I like what they do!
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    I would go for it becuase it is fun, relaxing, and a MUA can use professional make up, airbrush, and they can do eyelashes if you are interested. Also, there are some MUA that charge around $65 that I have seen. I asked by BM if they were interested and only one out of 7 said yes. I think they are trying to be cost consious which is understadable and fine by me.
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    Thanks for the advice! I probably will get a MUA now. It'll be nice not having to worry about my makeup and whether it'll look nice in our photos by doing it myself. :)

    @ Trishaselby - what MUA do you recommend?
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    I am thinking of using a MUA but don't want to spend an arm and a leg.  Not sure where to even start looking for one.  Any suggestions?
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