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I was a nanny for four kids for 2 years. There were triplets who were 2 when I started and their older brother was 3. They are now nearing 6 and 7. I basically raised these kids and was there for so many milestones in those years. Even after I was no longer their nanny (I was live-in) I continued living with them for a year while I was a teacher at their school. I moved out of their house at the end of May to move to FI's town. Their parents asked me to come watch them for the weekend so they could get away and I was more than happy to since I missed them like CRAZY! Well, it is night 2 of watching them and I just sat out on the back patio crying because they have grown up so much in the few months I've been away on top of the time I lived with them but wasn't with them all day. The little kids that were my babies are no longer there. They're in grade school. They have opinions and attitudes and lives and friends and they pick up things from these friends at school...they're so much older than they were with me. And I miss my babies terribly. What is so hard is that when I leave tomorrow, I don't know when I'll be seeing them again, except maybe to come help the girls get their flower girls dresses, then the wedding in 6 months. And there are so many other milestones that I'll miss. The time will come that I've been away from them more than I've been with them. They'll grow up and a day will come (probably not too far in the future...) where I won't play as important a role to them. And that devastates me. I love them with all my heart and it hurts so much to think that they'll remember me less and less as I'm able to be there.

On the other hand, I know that a few years down the road FI and I will have our own kids and it will be a whole new experience and I will ALWAYS be one of the most important people in their is just hard to separate myself from these kids right now when mine are only thoughts at the moment. Just had to share somewhere...thanks for listening! :)

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    I can relate. Although, I was never a HUGE part of kids' lives for as long as you were, I worked at a daycare center for a few years and had some kids there who I adored and I cried when I left there. I also have cried every year on the last day of school since I have become a teacher, when I lost a particular group of kids. Now, I look back on those memories fondly, but there is no sadness. Just realize that you are right- when you have your own kids it will be unlike anything you have ever experienced. For now, just call them as much as you can and make sure they know how much you care about them. Know that you have already played a very important role in their upbringing and that will never be forgotten. I will say a prayer that you can feel God's love and peace surrounding you. 
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    I never hung out with little kids... I was always the baby in the big family clan (my cousins are 20 years older than me).  But it's going to be hard when we're parents.  I never really understood how parents became so attached.  But I have a feeling we're going to find out!

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    Aw, you sound so sad!  The kids are growing up and that is hard!  Just find ways to celebrate the little milestones whenever you do get a chance to visit with them! :-) 
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