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NWR prayer (a bit long)

We have, for some time now,  been praying I would find car that was under $2000 and in good condition. Well we may have found something. My mom's coworker's husband works at a Honda dealership and a guy came in wanting to sell his 1996ish (not too sure on the year yet) Jeep Grand Cherokee. He's wanting about $1500 for it and it thus far it seems like it's in good condition. They are supposed to get the car in tomorrow and so I should know if I will get the car by next week. I'm praying it works out because I'm getting married in about 6months and I need to get used to driving places outside of my hometown by myself. FI is excited about it because he drives a Jeep and love it and this is a car he could definitely fix. It's nerve wrecking waiting to here about it and I'm praying it will work out. If not I know God has a bigger plan but it's hard. my first car was a bust so I really want this to work out. I will  keep you posted as I find out more.
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Re: NWR prayer (a bit long)

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