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Signing off!!!!

Well, sisters in Christ... I think its time to sign off and say good bye for a while! We are getting married on Saturday!

Today: I have to go to the florist, pick up my dress from being pressed, get my e-ring shined up, and clean up the apartment so when we get home from the HM its all fresh for us.

Tomorrow: Picking up my BM/cousin from the airport and taking her into NYC for her first time. FI, MOH/sister, and 2 BM/cousins are spending the day in the city, just have a great time.

Friday: Manicure/pedicure, eyebrow waxing, rehearsal and rehearsal dinner...

Saturday: GET MARRIED!!!!!!

We leave for our cruise sunday morning for a week, then we are going to florida for 3 days...... can't wait to get away for 10 days with my new DH!!!!

I promise I'll be back with a recap and pics after the HM.
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Re: Signing off!!!!

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