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FI's Grandmother Update

For those of you who didn't read my last post about this, my FI's grandmother was recently diagnosed with Stage IV throat cancer. Whenever they detected the cancer, it was already at Stage IV. She had throat pains for about 6 months before she went to the doctor. They removed her back 4 teeth so they could prepare to start radiation.

Update: My FI told me a few nights ago that his mom told him she doesn't think his grandma will make it to our wedding. Now, he didn't say if that meant she will no longer be with us or if she just won't be well enough to travel (4 hours) to the wedding. He also told me that they haven't started radiation yet, and he isn't exactly sure when they're going to. And he also said that they cannot remove all of the cancerous cells because they'd have to remove her tongue. So she's in bad shape.

Please keep their entire family in your prayers please!

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