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Communion Ideas Needed

FI and I are both marrying for the second time.  We plan on including communion in the cermony but are having a difficult time deciding on HOW we want to do it.  We will at least be taking communion ourselves.  We would very much like to offer communion to all of the guests as well, additionally, we want to actually serve the communion.  We have music selected for communion and want this part of the cermony to last longer than 30 seconds (if only we partake).

FI suggested that we can each be in front with the bread and "wine" and ask those who want to partake, to come forward.  We could also pass the bread and "wine" down the rows like it is done in many churches.

Any of you have thoughts, suggestions, or ideas on this?

PS Our pastor is fine with letting us decide how we want it done.

Re: Communion Ideas Needed

  • kkidd28kkidd28 member
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    Welcome to the board!

    I know ally117 had a question like this a few weeks ago.  Did you have any idea where in the ceremony you wanted to do this?  Before or after the vows?
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  • fpaemp2011fpaemp2011 member
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    I've only seen it where the bride & groom are the only ones taking it.  If you wanted to include the guests, I would suggest passing it.  I can see going up to the altar to be awkward for your guests who aren't saved, don't know what communion is, or don't feel prepared to take communion.  I was raised Baptist, and we don't go to a wedding in the mindset of preparing to take communion.  Passing it would allow those who don't feel comfortable taking it to easily pass, rather than being the only one left in their pew, or walking past you without taking the elements.
  • iamjoesgurliamjoesgurl member
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    I agree with fp about not usually going to a wedding anticipating that communion would be served.  I also feel that communion should be served by an ordained pastor/elder (part of my church tradition) and I'd be uncomfortable taking communion from the bride and groom.  Since your pastor is okay with either, I'd suggest having it passed, but not by bride and groom.
  • jgavigan3376jgavigan3376 member
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    We're having communion for everyone and it's at the altar, not passed around. This was a big deal for FI- something he felt strongly about. Most everything else wedding related he just agrees with me :) 

    I have thought about what our guests who are not believers will do during communion. I guess I just think back to Catholic services I've attended where I haven't been allowed to participate. It wasn't uncomfortable for me. I am planning on playing some contemporary Christian music during communion, so that will at least give people something to listen to. FI's church has an altar that will accommodate probably 30-40 people at a time, so it shouldn't take all that long. I have 3 songs selected but doubt we will need that many.

    Finally, I am with joesgirl on the idea of having an ordained pastor serve communion, but that's just a personal conviction (shared by my FI).

    Hope this helps a bit. Good luck!
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  • jm121323jm121323 member
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    Thanks, everyone, for input Smile
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