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What happened to our recipe posts?

I miss them!  And, in the interest of needing to do more meal planning and make less expensive meals so that we can save money in case we do go on strike, give me your favorite soup recipes!

Re: What happened to our recipe posts?

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    MMM... I love soups! My favorites are old recipes of my mom's!

    The first one is Taco Soup, very similar to Chili and easy to substitute stuff in and out of. The second is Vegetable Soup! I just copy and pasted them from the recipe my mom sent me awhile ago, sorry it's hard to read!

    Taco soup: 
    Brown ground beef & chopped onion; drain.  Add to stock pot the beef/onion, ½ pkg dry ranch dressing mix, dry (found in the salad dressing isle usually top shelf in packages not bottles), ½ pkg taco seasoning mix, dry and 1 can (4 oz) green chilies (found in the taco isle by the seasoning mix), add to that canned corn, 1 can (15oz) stewed tomatoes, 1 can (8oz) tomato sauce, 1 can kidney beans and 1 cup water.   This will make a small serving size for you.  Double the ingredients for the size I usually make except it is not necessary to double the tomato sauce.
    Vegetable soup: 
    Cook ½ c chopped onion in ¼ c margarine until tender; stir in ¼ c flour to  make a paste until smooth.  Gradually add water slowly to paste stirring out the lumps before adding more water.  If you add the water too fast the soup will be lumpy so go slowly and keep stirring the paste smooth while you add water.  Use 3 cups water total.  Chop up a bag of frozen vegetables-might need to let them thaw slightly to chop them well unless you have a chopper to chop them from frozen.  Add veges to broth.  Add 4 teaspoons instant bouillon or 4 cubes (found above canned soups in soup isle at grocery store)  If using cubes let dissolve in water before adding to soup.  Add 1 teaspoon worcestershire sauce if you have it or leave it out.  Heat until veges are tender but do not boil soup.  Add velveeta if cheesy vegetable soup is your desire and 2 cups cream, ½ n ½ or milk or a mixture of whatever you have on hand.  Again, the cream makes the soup richer and the milk the least rich.  Stir until cheese is incorporated into the soup and serve.  For a smaller amount use half a bag of frozen veges and ½ the water and milk.
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