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Weekend plans?

What are you getting into this weekend? 

Lplions, I know you said you were doing wedding activites. Anything fun?
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Re: Weekend plans?

  • Today: grocery shopping.  If I have time, I'd like to do my nails before cooking for the ladies potluck dinner this evening.

    Saturday: DH will be post-call, so he'll be sleeping during a lot of the day.  I'll probably read for class so I don't make any noise.

    Sunday: church.  Taking down the remaining winter decor, if I don't do it before then.

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  • tonight: working; boys basketball team made it to the district tournament championship game

    saturday: grocery store, workout, enjoy my first day off in a LOOONG time

    Sunday: work at my PT job, run/walk with my dog
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  • Tonight:  working a little from home.  I'm on call and there's a system upgrade at work.

    Tomorrow:  nothing, lol.

    Sunday:  BBQ with my parents.
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  • Yesterday I went and got measured for a bridesmaid dress, then my cat died. :(

    My SO's radiator cracked.. so I drove him to get the part and hopefully it will be finished before work. He usually works from 11am til 11pm on Sat. So I'm just chilling out at his place and looking at pics of my cat. I'll just take it easy today and tomorrow we'll have church which will be really nice.
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  • In Response to <a href="">Weekend plans?</a>:
    [QUOTE]What are you getting into this weekend?  Lplions, I know you said you were doing wedding activites. Anything fun?
    Posted by Ash61612[/QUOTE]

    I want to hear about the wedding activities too!
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  • Today is homework.
    Tomorrow is church and visiting our familes.
    Monday we are hopefully going to hang out, maybe we will go wine tasting.  Or I am going  shopping and doing more homework.  
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  • So I didn't get online all weekend because I was with my FH (such an awesome weekend) and since we haven't seen each other in 3 months, it was an extremely needed trip. So to recap the weekend activities:

    Friday: Flew "home" to my FH. We had date night! (Date nights, real live, in person date nights are rare for us.)
    Saturday: We met with the caterer, picked out linens. He'll send us a proposed menu/pricing and some options this week. Then we went and tasted cakes - and picked out 5 different cake flavors. We're doing the cupcake route (200 minis and 150 regular sized) + a 6" cutting cake. We grabbed lunch with a good friend, then went to our reception venue to check it out and meet the venue's coordinator. (He is super friendly and definitely knows what he's talking about.) Then we went and had some e-pics taken in the 20 degree weather, but it was a LOT of fun (I'll share once I get them!) After pictures we went to the jewelry store and got my ring inspected (good to go!) and looked at bands for both of us. (I think we're going to order them the beginning of July, for our Oct wedding).
    Sunday: Church (going to church with my man is the thing I miss the most about being LD, it was so wonderful to be with him.) then we met with our photographers (who are actually friends of his family, and I love them) and then our DJ.

    Over all, a really great weekend and we'll be sending deposits to them all this week. Big sigh of relief that all of this stuff is done.
  • That's a lot of checks done! I'm glad you two have a fun weekend. What time is your wedding, do you pretty much know what you want for your reception?
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  • In Response to <a href="">Re: Weekend plans?</a>:
    [QUOTE]That's a lot of checks done! I'm glad you two have a fun weekend. What time is your wedding, do you pretty much know what you want for your reception?
    Posted by nwwoodsybride[/QUOTE]

    <div>We have to talk to the church again to confirm the ceremony time, but it's going to be at 2 or 2:30. I know it's "bad etiquette" and "rude" and everything because our reception can't start until 6. (The problem is because we have to be out of the chapel by 3 or 3:30 so they can get ready for Saturday evening worship.) The reception venue is a museum and doesn't close until 5 - so we cannot start until 6. We've pretty much settled on everything for the reception beyond finalizing the table decorations.</div>
  • Do you have an idea of what you'll do for guests during the break? One of my friends had the same issue with her venue. The wedding was around 2 and we had about a 4 hours break in between. Some guests had all planned to do something for awhile but it was a bit awkward. Not enough time to go back to our hotels to change. I didn't have a car because it was a destination wedding, so I sat in the lobby for 2 hours before I got to know the brides mom and they invited me to the bridal suite. I love my friend and I know she didn't have another option but it sucked.

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  • The hotels we're looking at are within a 15 min drive of our reception venue. Luckily, we have entertainment built in (sort of). The museum is free admission to the public. They're open until 5, so our guests can head over there and walk around until 5. (That kills about 2 of the 3 hours) As for the last hour? I'm not sure what they'll do. I'm hoping for good weather so my guests can walk around outside the grounds if they want. If it's crummy weather, they can sit in the lobby. The coordinator at the venue said he might be able to pull some strings and keep the gift shop open a little longer so they can browse through there. Otherwise, I'm hoping my guests can entertain themselve for an hour.
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