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Prayer for Peace

I'll post in the prayer/praise as well but I wanted some prayers quickly.

My two dogs always are fine, sometimes they hear something outside and growl and bark furociously and kind of snap at each other but never do anything more.  They're sissies (or might as well be).  Today they did that, only they didn't break up.  I had to try different methods to break them up before I finally grabbed a shoe and was going to try and get them apart that way when I guess it scared them and they quit.  My dog had ahold of the other dog (my dog too, but more my mom's) on the back of the neck and left a gash.  They were soaked from biting each other and fighting and me trying to side track them with a squirt bottle.  They're timid of each other and my nerves don't help when they get close and I holler at them to go their seperate ways.  It really scared me today, and while my mom thinks they'll be fine, I keep crying and can't seem to find peace.  If you ladies could just pray they get along, that we find the cause and that I'd have peace so I can sleep I'd really appreciate it!!  Mom's dog may be sleeping with her tonight, instead of both dogs with me.  TIA!!

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