No children weddings

What's the best way to make sure people understand that children are not allowed at the ceremony or reception? I put it on our wedding website, which we listed on the STD, but I have a strong feeling that there are going to be quite a few people with babies who have not/will not go to the website. I don't want to be rude to anyone, but I also don't want someone's baby crying in the middle of my ceremony.

Re: No children weddings

  • We did what PP said about the wedding website and the invites to specific people. We made it clear by having the RSVP cards state "We have reserved ____ in your name!" 
    it worked well. One people still brought their child, and one close family member brought his because they were travelling from far out of state and he was getting ready to deploy. We didn't want to split up their time with their child and a wedding with that looming near. Other than that, everyone abided by the rule..
    I think H also hinted to people in his squadron about no kids like.. when people would ask him how the wedding planning is coming or how he's feeling he would respond, "we're getting so excited! Hope you habe that babysit booked! Looking forward to partying it up with you guys!!" 

    THat way it was a quick "reminder" but not in a lecture/scolding way. It went over really well. 
  • My guestlist isn't very big, so I actually called everyone with kids to let them know that it was an adult affair and that we really would love for them to be able to come out and enjoy a drink with us, kid free! All of them (and I mean all) were excited about it! A night out on the town without the kiddos! ;)
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