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Wedding Favor ideas, STUCK!

My FI and I have been looking into all kinds of wedding favor ideas and have gone no where.  We want the favors to be part of who we are as a couple and each time my mom thinks of an idea I always get the feeling that in the end the favors will be thrown away and we would have wasted that money and I don't want to do that. 

Although my mom had a great idea that I thought would be Perfect! 

My FI and I LOVE God with all our heart and know that not everyone coming to the wedding are followers of Christ.

The wedding favor idea:  Have a piece of paper explaining how to accept Jesus into their hearts.

Feedback would be great!

Re: Wedding Favor ideas, STUCK!

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    My idea: Mini Lanterns with a candle in them. Attach a tag that says "Christ is the light in our lives. Have you met him yet?" Then put a link to an appropriate website.
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    mrandmrsbristmrandmrsbrist member
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    I think letyourselfgo has the right idea. I wouldn't put an entire gospel presentation on my favors. I think including something in the ceremony would be more appropriate.
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    SoonToBeGenaoSoonToBeGenao member
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    I like letyourselfgo's idea! Something like that is perfect
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    fpaemp2011fpaemp2011 member
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    After the ceremony, we handed out Gideon New Testaments in memory of my grandfather.  I made a bookmark for each NT with a memoriam to my grandfather on one side and the Plan of Salvation on the other.  One of my pastors did a gospel message during the ceremony, as well.

    At the reception, we had a candy buffet.

    Here's the Plan of Salvation we had on ours:

    Plan of Salvation


    1.                God has a plan~ John 3:16

    2.            Man has a problem~Romans 3:10,23

    3.            Man’s problem comes with a penalty

    4.            God has made a provision. ~Romans 6:23b,

    5.              Man makes a personal response. ~Romans 10:9-10,13

    6.             God makes a promise. ~John 3:36


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    GJones27GJones27 member
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    Yeah, I don't think it's a great idea to put your religious faith into the favors.  The favors should be a gift that makes people happy, but pushing one's faith will make them uncomfortable.  Instead of describing your faith, I prefer making a donation to your favorite charity as a favor.  Just some other ideas to throw out there... you could provide seeds to your guest, symbolizing your love.  You could always include a scripture quote related to that.  Good luck!
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    All great ideas!  To GJones27, I would NEVER push my faith on anyone but I do know who is The Way, The Truth and The Life!  It is more about putting it out there for them to explore on their own along with a nice gift.  : )  Plus... we will be having something in our  ereamony so the candle  and or what we would decide to do would play off of that. :) 

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    I agree with the two previous posters ... If I went to a ceremony of a different faith and received any kind of religious tract or material of any kind, I would feel uncomfortable. I liked another bride's idea of including something in the program (what we did was include the verse "Therefore what God has brought together, let no one separate" at the bottom of the back cover of the program). 

    If you absolutely want to do something favor-y that reflects your faith, I would say forgo the favors and use that money to donate to the charity/ministry of your choice. You can then include a card on the guests' dinner plates that explains this, and then include a verse of scripture at the bottom of the card (a verse that comes to mind immediately is Romans 12:9-10, 13: Love must be sincere. Hate what is evil; cling to what is good. Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. Share with the Lord's people who are in need. Practice hospitality.)

    I hope this helps.
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