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Who's helping you....

with most of your planning?

Do you have a friend?  Your mother?  His mother?

In the beginning, my best friend/ MOH helped alot, but I think she's got burnout so now it's mostly me.  Just curious how its working out for everyone else?
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Re: Who's helping you....

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    My love and I have taken care of everything together. I usually research and find what I like we discuss it and then take care of it. I have 8BMs so I'm sure as the day gets closer they'll help out as needed. I'm really enjoying taking care of everything and hoping to foray into a career of event planning afterwards. I'm also helping my MOH plan her wedding for February.
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  • fpaemp2011fpaemp2011
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    FI and I planned the ceremony together, as well as the music for the reception.  We'll also meet with the caterer and baker together when it comes time for that.  As for flowers and decorations, my mom and I have been working together on that, FI's only input/desire/opinion being "No pink or purple."  My MOH has been totally helpful with obscure "projects" such as helping me find songs and such whenever Google decides to hate me.  (You know you've had those days...you search and search and search for something and never find what you're looking for...ask someone to help and *bam*...they find it in 2.6 seconds) My MOH and all of my BMs live out of state and I've only seen half of them since we got engaged, but a few of them are planning on coming in for a visit soon and I'm planning on scheduling the cake tasting at that time so they can be included in that.  His parents and siblings have been totally willing to help, asking if  we need/can't find anything, but not at all overbearing.  :)
  • GJones27GJones27
    edited December 2011
    My mom is the only one helping me. She's retired, and I think she enjoys it.  My FI lives abroad, and I think he lacks interest.  My MOH, my younger sister, isn't really into wedding planning.  I ask her to help with easy items like "Do you like this song better or this one?", but she doesn't really do it.  So it's pretty much me organizing everything.
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    My BFF from childhood has been helping as well as my sister in law. I figured as time goes on, I'll be getting more help from my sisters who are also my BMs. Unfortunately, because of the geographic distance between all of us, it is a little hard to get things done but we're managing.
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  • ccialoneccialone
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    MY FI and I are doing a lot of the planning right now. But my MOH (little sister) decided she wanted to move from CA to NY to help with all the planning. So she should be arriving at the end of August and then she is going to take over and do a lot of planning with me :-)
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  • erolliserollis
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    We are doing most of it together. We do get input from our families when we need it. My MOH has been helpful and very supportive also.
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  • iamjoesgurliamjoesgurl
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    We did all of our own planning (except for the moms and BMs choosing their own attire and a friend making the centerpieces).  I had help putting the favors together, addressing the invitations and decorating the venue.  My help was my parents, BMs, friends and a few other people who stayed at our venue and offered to help.
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    At first it was just me...
    then it was momma helping and his momma helping. Then my sister/MOH started helping and then my Aunt... now its ALL of us... and my FI FINALLY decided he wanted to give input :)  Its alot of different advice and opinions but I love it because I can see everything from  different viewpoints seeing as how... none of us are alike.
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    We designated FI's godmother to do the planning, It's going really well although I feel the urge to do stuff, lol. I have issues letting things go. I've been doing well thought and it takes so much stress off of me.
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