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Praise God!

I mentioned in Raven's post that I was going to be spending my morning at the hospital having tests and stuff run...It's pretty routine and normal for me to have some kind of scan, test, whatever scheduled at least twice a year.

Back in February, I started in an experimental treatment program for people with allergic asthma. To get into the program, I needed to have less than 60% lung capacity and be taking allergy shots. My pulmonoligist started me on allergy shots as soon as he found out about the program, telling me it was going to be a fantastic opportunity, very low risk. This was back in 09. My parents and H (then BF) prayed about it and decided allergy shots weren't going to hurt anything and we had the money to pay for the spirometry to determine lung capacity, so we went with it.

My lung capacity, while being on several different inhaled steroids, was 55%. Allergy shots were giving me terrible reactions and we were crossing our fingers that I'd get into the trial.

In January of this year, I found out that I was selected for the last round. My parents and I signed our lives away, and the serum for the injections was ordered. I started getting injections in February.

I just had my six month check up today. My heart and lungs were stress tested and I did another round of spirometry (this time it was paid for, woohoo!). I was sent back out into the waiting room to wait for the doctor until the results were ready.

My lung capacity is now 96%!

I'm so thankful and I just about hugged my pulmonologist. We both shed a few tears and we're really optimistic about the rest of the treatment program. I know feel like all my trips back to my hometown for appointments and everything are worth it.

Just wanted to share this with you guys! :)
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