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God and Marraige question

I have a quick question.Are getting married in church and getting married in city hall the same in God's eyes? Does it matter to Him one way or another, or is it just the same thing?

TIA ~Hope


Re: God and Marraige question

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    Matthew 8:20 For where two or three come together in my name, there am I with them."
    God is everywhere and what He recognizes is your commitment to His Kingdom and one another. God will be with you wherever you decide to be joined together.
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    On a very personal level, I wouldn't feel comfortable just having a civil ceremony.  I don't know why... it feels too much like a state-procedure, whereas a religious ceremony is about "becoming One" before God.  You ask God for blessings during a religious ceremony, whereas you don't remember Him in a civil ceremony.  You make a commitment before God in church, but in a civil ceremony you make a commitment only to your to-be-spouse and the state.  But that's just my personal belief.  I come from a very traditional religious background, and other religions may have different opinions.  :-)

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    Marriage is a universal, common-grace ordinance -- unbelievers are just as married as believers, and a couple is equally as married before God whether they do so in a solely civil ceremony or in a religious ceremony. There is no special blessing for being married in church.

    Marriage is an institution rightfully overseen by the civil magistrate - it is a foundational part of society and it must be kept in good and proper order for the good of society. In overseeing marriage, the civil magistrate is fulfilling his God-ordained function in preserving order and justice.

    That said, it is good for Christian couples to be wed in public ceremonies that proclaim the unique-ness of Christian marriage. It is a picture of the relationship between Christ and the Church. There are aspects of marriage that only Christians can truly understand as God intended because unbelievers are dead in their sins and cannot understand spiritual matters without the work of the Holy Spirit - such things include sacrificial love, extending grace to one another, both of which Christians do in response to the Gospel. Furthermore, Christians are called to live not as individuals, but in the community of the Church. It is, then, good for them to marry in front of their fellow believers - the same believers who will be there for them in times of difficulty and in times of rejoicing.
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    Hey Hope!

    In God's eyes, marriage is marriage.  I think several of us have personal reasons for wanting to be married in a church!  But ultimately its up to you and your fiance!  To each their own!
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    God is everywhere. Not just in the church. So get married wherever you like.
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    In Response to <a href=" Wedding BoardsForum:464687ae-7bc1-4360-9aea-999e11f1e1adDiscussion:df875c40-196b-4c35-9de0-d22d7f873fa1Post:a3e4342c-85d8-4c3f-b61c-f67efb645f15">Re: God and Marraige question</a>:
    [QUOTE]God is everywhere. Not just in the church. So get married wherever you like.
    Posted by CHarley2B[/QUOTE]

    I agree! Once you have invited God into your life, He will be at your wedding too!
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    Oh how I wish the Catholic agreed with all your ladies, as I do. My catholic fiance and I are having interesting *discussions* on the religion topic currently....
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