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don't be afraid to show guests your love for God :]

this is the back wall of our reception (the night before, thats why theres no cake on the center table :] )

its okay if some of yall dont like the idea, im not trying to get a pat on the back :]

I had a vintage/homespun wedding, & did a lot of handmade touches

We had a very small budget so i used what i had to dress up our church gym with the help of family & friends

"God your will not ours" is actually what we were praying ( & didnt know that each other was praying it!) before we started dating, while deciding if it was appropriate for us to start a relationship (( i had given up dating to just spend time with God & to make sure that my next relationship would be pleasing to him)) its also symbolic of the start of our new lives & just giving God all glory & control. we did thank yous towards the end of our wedding & had everyone's attention. it was very touching & we thanked God last. people really enjoyed the fact that we weren't scared to glorify him with our wedding.

i ultimately made that back wall, of course, for God. he has blessed us so much & gave us a wonderful love story & is taking such good care of us. we are a Coast Guard couple, & we know that no matter where the military sends us, he is always with us. we love him so much & looking back now, even though i was a little nervous about how my guests would take the big statement that the back wall makes, i know i did the right thing.

so im not saying you have to do what we did, but dont be afraid to include bible verses or Christian songs in your wedding or give glory to God in front of all your guests at the reception.

God bless all of ya'll, & i hope all of your weddings turn out amazing & just how you want them to be. :]

Re: don't be afraid to show guests your love for God :]

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    oopss heres the photo :]
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    That is awesome! I love it! Sounds like your wedding was beautiful and you really made God smile. I agree- no one should ever be scared to glorify God in all they do. He is the most important thing in our lives and we do need to make sure we praise him. Thanks for the inspiration! 
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    Definitely okay to thank God at the wedding!!  Sometimes people get a little hung up on "not offending anyone" when really, having a display of your faith is not wrong.  Being sensible about decor is definitely the answer, though, since the wedding is more about a celebration than it is a proselytizing event.  I love your picture!! Thanks for sharing your idea! 
    July 16, Our Wedding Day, is also International Juggling Day!
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    My story is like yours- I had been hurt by guys so many times, and I finally had a deep prayer session with God, letting Him know I was giving it all, when it related to relationships and dating, to Him, and would wait for the one that God wanted in my life.  It was the best decision I ever made- I now have a loving, God-fearing man in my life and I wouldn't have it any other way.  I think the thing that makes it that much more special to us is we both walked a time without God in our lives- we left Him, but He didn't leave us.  Now, because of that time in our lives, our faith is rock solid, and it's because the rock we stand on is God.

    I feel like so many people today who are planning a wedding don't think about God.  They give excuses- we don't want to offend our guests, it's easier and makes the ceremony shorter, etc- and it really appalls me.  When my parents got married, it was unheard of to get married outside of a church.  Now, when we planned our wedding and told people we were getting married in a church, the first thing they would ask was "Are you Catholic?" (since it's required to be married in the church if you are Catholic).  When we would tell them no, we are Lutheran, the negative responses we got!  So many told us it was inconvienent to our guests (that they would have to drive to two places), that the ceremony would be too long (it was about an hour), and that we were not being considerate of our guests who were not Christian. 

    Umm, this service is OUR wedding service.  I would not be offended if I went to a Jewish service- as long as they are praising God, and fervently believe in their religion, I am not going to be offended in any way.  Not to mention that God is what our lives are centered around, and what we want our marriage to be centered around- so why would we not center our wedding ceremony around Him?! 

    It really boggled my mind, some of the things I came across in planning a wedding.  But you know what?  Something really awesome happened after our ceremony, while greeting guests at the reception.  Many of them commented, to either us or our parents, that they were really impressed that we have such a firm faith as young people (we are 24) and that we wanted to make that an important part of our wedding and marriage.  And in fact, many of the older guests actually thanked us or our parents for having a church ceremony, and said exactly what I said above- that too many people today have gotten away from the church and God, and it was awesome to see a young couple clinging to Him instead of pushing away.

    I think you did something truly wonderful at your wedding, and who knows how many of your guests were affected by that wall?  Who knows how many of them went to God after seeing that wall, and needing that tiny push to go to Him.  Praise God!
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