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Hi all!
My FI and I are having a difficult time coming up with a song list that will get the crowd moving and that will stay true to Christianity. I was thinking about getting a live band to play oldies, but idk. What songs are you putting on your list?
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November 12, 2011

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Re: Song List

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    Check out this page on Wiki with cross-over Christian artists -- dance bands, techno music, etc.

    Jump 5 used to be pretty wholesome but they disbanded in 2007.  "Spinnin Around" was a big hit with them (and was actually featured on Disney)

    You might consider Superchick... very popular with younger folks in schools and would get the crowd moving.  ZOEgirl is also REALLY good. 
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    I'm having the same problem here in NY. I've been checking out worship bands that are willing to play appropriate love songs and oldies. It's really tough. I was thinking about getting a DJ and creating the entire list of songs for them to play but I've read a lot of stories about dj's who play what they want.
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    Do you believe in Magic - the loving spoonfuls

    Everything - Michael Buble

    I love you - Martina McBride

    This will be an everlasting love - Natalie Cole

    Celebration - Kool N the Gang

    You can go to google - and type in "wedding songs" and there are all sorts of web sites that come up and they have different links like "first dance" and "father daughter" and "bouquet toss" and dances for all the different parts of the reception.
    Also, if there is a song you really want to play, but the lyrics are inappropriate, sometimes your DJ can get an edited version. For instance, we want to enter the reception to "I gotta feeling" by the black eyed peas, but the lyrics are inappropriate, but our DJ has a clean version.
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