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Monday QOTD

It's Thanksgiving week! What is everyone doing this week for Thanksgiving? Favorite tradtition? Any new tradtitions since getting married?
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Re: Monday QOTD

  • In my family, we always watch the dog show after the Thanksgiving Day Parade. The first year we did this, we watched it because there was nothing else on, and our family dog (a west highland white terrier) won its group. Since then it's become a tradition. (I'm just glad that there's no Packer game at the same time like there was last year.)
  • My FI and I are having to celebrate with our own families this year, due to them eating at the same time and it being our last Thanksgiving before moving away after our wedding.  Normally my family eats and sometimes goes to a movie afterwards.  This year we're just eating, and I'll be at work at 4am the next day for black friday.
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  • I love Thanksgiving, it's my favorite holiday!! I always watch the parade. To me it is the end of fall and the start of Christmas, the second I see Santa! :) And I love the food of course! This year, my mom is hosting me, FI and his parents and sister, since my brother and his family are with his wife's this year. And it will be the first time our parents meet. So I'm excited, kinda nervous... but hopefully it should be a good day!
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  • We'll watch the parade and the dog show and then start putting the tree together (DH has to work on Friday and we want to decorate on Saturday).  It's just the three of us this year, so we're doing a mini-dinner with a turkey breast, our favorite casseroles, and a couple pies.  The family we spent the day with last year has other plans this year.  MIL made her crescent rolls and put them in the freezer while she was here last week.  :)  
  • I love watching the parade on TV with family!  Sadly, DH has to work this year, so I'll be watching by myself.  He'll probably only have to work 7 or 8 hours though, which isn't bad.  We're going to make sweet potato casserole and bring it to the hosital to eat with other residents who are working Thanksgiving.  I hope someone else brings cranberries, otherwise, I think everyone has everything else covered.
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  • We always watch the parade. This will be our first Thanksgiving married :) We will eat lunch with my parents and then eat dinner that night with H's parents.
  • H and I are flying to WA to visit my family. We'll be on the plane for most of Thanksgiving, and I don't know yet what the family's plans are for dinner. Guess we'll find out when we get there?
  • My family's tradition is to neat Thanksgiving "dinner" at 1pm then watch football, chill, etc. My fiance's family tradition is to take turns hosting between members of his mom's family. This year it's his uncle's turn. So we're going on a road trip. A little mini-vacation. To make up for time lost with my family, we're going to my hometown on Sunday, going to a restaurant for lunch, and telling anyone who wants to come to join us. We'll be doing the opposite for Christmas multiple days with my family, then a special dinner with his family. We're trying to keep it as even as possible because our families are really important too both of us. Crossing my fingers it all goes well.
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    [QUOTE]It's Thanksgiving week! What is everyone doing this week for Thanksgiving? Favorite tradtition? Any new tradtitions since getting married?
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    <div>I did Thanksgiving with my family this past weekend. It was so good getting to see my brother and his family. I hadn't seen them since the wedding. We will be doing Thanksgiving with my husbands family on Thursday. I signed up to do a "drumstick dash" the morning of. It's a 5k walk/run that supports the local rescue mission that Beaux and I will walk. DH goes fishing the morning of (thats his tradition that he always does) so I want to start my own tradition with the pup. </div>
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  • I'm Canadian, so our Thanksgiving is already over but I wanted to join in on the discussion lol! DH and I did family dinner with his family on the Sunday. The Fri/Sat we spent to ourselves and had a dinner at home Sat night just the two of us. On Mon we got together with some friends and celebrated.
  • Last year one of my coworkers invited us over but this year it will just be me and DH. Even though it's only two of us, I am stil cooking a 12 pound turkey (Lord please help me)  and making homemade buscits and mashed potatoes. DH will make his green bean casserole. We wish we could do thanksgiving with our families but we both work friday so we can't. Plus it's the end of the semester and I still have 3 papers to write.
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