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Puppy Prayers... Please :)

FI and I have discussed (over and over and over) about getting a puppy after the wedding. We both want one so badly, but because he is allergic, we have to get a breed that has hair and is hypoallergenic- which also tend to be quite expensive.

Just today a co-worker was asking around if anyone was interested in giving a home to a 7 month old Morkie (Maltese/Yorkie mix) which just happens to be the EXACT breed we want.

She bought him, but her hours at work have changed and she is unable to give him the love and attention that she feels he should have. She isn't selling him, she would give him to anyone for free with the promise of giving him a loving home.

The puppy is already "potty" trained and is fully grown at only 5 lbs. He also has all of his shots for the next year. This is like the most amazing answered prayer.

Now here's the problem- we haven't asked our landlady yet if we can have a pet. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE pray that she says yes and let's us give this adorable little guy a loving home. TIA!
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