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Tuesday QOTD

Do you prefer a traditional church service or a contemporary church service?
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Re: Tuesday QOTD

  • rajahmdrajahmd Galifrey member
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    Something in the middle. I don't like real stuffy traditional can't even applaud services, but at the same time I'm not a fan of the concert like service. Modern music with a traditional sermon usually makes me happy.
  • I am hardcore traditional ... I dont might praise and worship but the rock n roll concert is more of a sunday night or Sat night type thing to me. I was raised on hymns ... I swear by them.

    Most people my age in my area are opposite.
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  • Like GunzNRoses, I prefer a traditional service but enjoy the more rock-n-roll for evening worship. 

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  • In Response to <a href="http://forums.theknot.com/Sites/theknot/Pages/Main.aspx/cultural-wedding-boards_christian-weddings_tuesday-qotd-32?plckFindPostKey=Cat:Cultural%20Wedding%20BoardsForum:464687ae-7bc1-4360-9aea-999e11f1e1adDiscussion:f420ab45-d24e-48e0-91c6-049f5031736aPost:a8ab2fff-f5ca-4e3b-92ac-7e9533950bd9">Re: Tuesday QOTD</a>:
    [QUOTE]Like GunzNRoses, I prefer a traditional service but enjoy the more rock-n-roll for evening worship. 
    Posted by ochemjenn[/QUOTE]

    This. I like more upbeat music, but a traditional service.
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  • I prefer a comfortable setting with a mix of hymns and new songs with a praise band.  Our current church is almost oppressive during worship...so many in the congregation are dead set against anything but a piano and one vocalist and it's suffocating.  But the senior pastor and DH have to decide which "skunks they want to poke" and that one is just not worth it.  I rock out to KLOVE in the car, though.  :)  I'm used to Baptist style preaching, so not liturgical.
  • naomikbnaomikb member
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    That is a tough one.  I'm somewhere in the middle. Lots of quiet time for praying/meditation, traditions and customs are important to me. But I love praise music and feeling a bit open to "let loose" instead of feeling restricted.  If I had to pick one I'd say traditional.

  • I have zero background with hymns and don't connect to most of them at all. The trend in contemporary music is coming away from concert-style and more experiential, an encounter with God rather than just singing which I really like. I tend to shy away from traditional church. I was raised in a family that started churches for people who don't like church, so anything traditional is foreign to me. 
  • I like contemporary better.  I wasn't raised in a traditional church setting, so when I go to traditional church services, I don't feel connected at all.  I prefer a service with music that I can hear on the radio (Klove, family life, air1) and more of a bible study type feel than somebody talking at me.  
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  • Traditional.
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  • I like a traditional service, but in our church that doesn't mean stuffy, not at all! We have a rip roaring good time even with strictly hymns. Plus, DH can play hymns so beautifully on the piano, it makes me tear up. :')

    That being said, I do enjoy contemporary Christian music too.
  • I often struggle with this ...

    I prefer to have a choice between something traditional and contemporary. The church I have been attending has traditional and contemporary services, so that's working for me pretty well right now.
  • I grew up during the transistion from "traditonal" to more contemporary styles. I love a mix of hymns and new songs also new arrangments of hymns. I have been in services that were full on contempary and it just wasn't my cup of tea so to say.
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  • Ours is a mix somewhere in the middle. We do more contemporary worship but a traditional sermon
  • Contemporary all the way. I grew up with traditional and so did H and we left our old church for a contemporary one this year. The church we attend now is amazing. I feel God's presence there so much. 
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