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what are ya'll doing about a bar, I was thinking since the wedding is about Stephen and I, and we dont drink that we wouldnt have one. But both of our families drink, especially mine, and I am afraid that they wont have a good time. what do yall think??


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    The package we got gives us the cocktail hour as an open bar. We are also going to add on beer and wine during the reception.

    FI and I are not big drinkers but since we're hosting an out of town wedding for all of FI's family, we felt it would be nice to offer this option.

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    We're having beer and wine, and both my fiance and I drink.  There are only a few people on each side of the family and among friends that don't drink. 

    If you guys don't drink and don't want alcohol at your reception, then don't have it.  But if you don't mind being around it and you think your friends and family would appreciate it, then maybe consider it.  You could always still have sparkling cider or something for your toasts to bring it back to you guys.

    But don't choose to have alcohol just because you think your family won't have a good time.  Because I'm sure you two know that you can have a good time without alcohol. 
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    Thanks! Both of these really helped alot!

  • mwhitson14mwhitson14 member
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    We didn't have alcohol because our wedding was at our church. We had a great time without alcohol. Everyone just chatted and mingled and it was good. It wasn't the big party that a lot of weddings are, but that wasn't our goal anyway.

    I do think that, unless you're strictly against it for religious reasons, that you should be a gracious host and at least provide some sort of bar; beer and wine only for example.
  • fpaemp2011fpaemp2011 member
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    We're having our reception at a hotel, but not having any alcohol because of our personal convictions.  For the hour between the ceremony and dinner, we're offering a "Mocktail" Bar for our guests.  Some of the recipes we've found are here: http://fpaemp2011.weebly.com/mocktail-hour.html  (4 of them are from Katanne's bio).  The hotel will provide the bartender to mix and glasses to serve the drinks...we just have to provide the mixes and ice.
  • katanne9katanne9 member
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    We don't really drink at all, nor do our families. However, our venues CHARGES us $5pp to close the bar... ugh.

    SO, we are having a beer and wine bar. Then we are also offering several different non-alcoholic signature drinks. The recipes are in my bio under food I think.
  • GJones27GJones27 member
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    I don't drink at all for moral and health reasons, and my FI doesn't drink much at all.  However, we are offering a bar with wine, champagne, and soda.  I think it's polite to offer some to be gracious.  I also read in my Mindy Weiss wedding planning book that receptions without alcohol can be very dull and boring.  Sadly, people need booze to have a good time, interact, and dance.

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    We're not having a bar because we're not drinkers anymore and although our families do drink we prefer not to entertain their vices. I personally feel responsible for each guest spiritually and therefore I don't to be a stumbling block for those who are or recovering from alcohol addiction.

    I've actually only been to one wedding that had the wine/beer option and everyone looked pretty messy.

    The best option involving alcohol I've seen was a sangria pitcher dispenser [like tea and lemonade are usually in] that guests just helped themselves to.

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    My FI and I do drink, but we're not having alcohol at the reception because the church that's hosting it doesn't allow it (which is a shame for a PCA, church, really, but I can understand why they do it).
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    My HH is 110% against alcohol, and I don't have an opinion one way or the other. My family does drink. A lot of the other attending guests drink as well. Add to it that the Llano Estacado winery is located in our city. We had zero alcohol, and our guests had a wonderful time. Many said it was the best wedding they'd ever attended. You don't need alcohol to have a good time. Plus, alcohol is so expensive, and I'm betting there's something else you'd rather increase your budget for.
  • SuMmErKuTiESuMmErKuTiE member
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    We had a full open bar for cocktail hour and the reception, all of the packages at our venue included it. Not everyone we know drinks, but we do have a lot of friends and family that do so we wanted to provide it for those that do. DH and I don't eat seafood, but we still served that as well since we know a lot of people enjoy that as well.
  • mattycammattycam member
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    We are having an open bar, it was included in our package also. My side doesn't mind the occasional beer or wine but are not heavy drinkers. I agree with Mrs. Faison "I personally feel responsible for each guest spiritually." I can't control what they do on their time, but when they are on my time, they are my responsibility so I just pray that guests on both sides behave responsibly. Afterall, it's a wedding not a nightclub. 
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