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Monday QOTD

When will you put up Christmas decorations? How many trees will you have?
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  • Zero.  :-(  It's just me in my apartment (family on the opposite coast, husband abroad most of the time, overwhelmed with school).  But my mom does a beautiful job back home, and that usually makes up for it. 
  • I'm currently still living with college roommates since I'm still in college, and we put up 2 trees.  Yesterday.  One's maybe 3 feet tall and the other is 4.  We put them up so early because we go home for Christmas, so we won't get to see them the whole month of December anyway.
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  • Well, we have a small tree that we will put up. We probably won't break it out until Thanksgiving weekend.
    I am so ready to decorate though. But, I have to get through H's birthday party this weekend before I break out the Christmas decorations.

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  • I'm probably going to start decorating at the beginning of December.  It's my first Christmas as a wife and I'm so excited!

    my family would get real trees and my husband's family just did a real one last year.  We have high celings so we can get a really tall live one this year.  We will just have 1 tree adn may decroate my husband's avacado tree that's growing inside.
  • I'll probably start Thanksgiving weekend.  I have no clue when we are getting a tree but I can't wait.  I have all sorts of fun decorating ideas but I am not sure if I will put them into action. 
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  • Day after Thanksgiving.  :)  We have one fake 7ft tree for the living room.  I wish we could get a real tree, but we travel for the week of Christmas and I don't want to either undecorate before Christmas (that just feels wrong) or come home to a dead tree.
  • My family, as well as my fiance's family, traditionally decorates on the weekend after Thanksgiving. Unfortunately, I don't think we'll be decorating this year. We have a mini-fridge in the living room where we put our tree last year. My fiance likes it there, as do I, plus we'll need it there shortly after Christmas when I have knee surgery. So, we have no where to put a tree. :-(  

    We might find some where upstairs to put it. We'll be the only ones to enjoy it, but we don't usually have company, so that's OK. Or we might just decorate in other ways, like with lights and stuff.  

    Also, our tree is definitely fake. I am highly allergic to real trees. My family tried having a real tree once when I was growing up. Only my dad survived the two weeks we had it. Never again.
  • I decorate the day after Thanksgiving.  DH worked that day last year and will again this year.  He leaves, ten when he comes home, we're all decorated.  Actually, this year I may not be done yet because he'll probably only have to work about 8 hours.  We have two very small artificial trees, both about two feet tall. 
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  • We don't do Christmas decorations.
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  • I WISH DH would let me decorate now, lol.  But he is holding me to the day after Thanksgiving.  We have one 6-foot tree for the inside of the house and one 4-foot tree for the front porch.
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  • We already have the outside lights and the tree up inside lol
  • Decorations go up next Friday. 1 tree!

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  • We will have one small tree, if I can figure out where my mom put it. I store my decorations at my parent's house because I don't have a lot of room. We live in a very small apartment, so we just have a little tree that sits on our dresser. When we move, we are planning on getting a very large one. We will probably put decorations up the weekend after Thanksgiving.
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  • We have one little 4ft scrawny tree my folks gave us last year. I would love bigger tree but our apt is just too small for it unless I want to put it in the kitchen! I will probably decorate Thanksgiving weekend the tree Thanksgiving weekend then in december, I will put my winter wreath on the door. 
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    I plan to decorate the weekend after Thanksgiving, since I'm having a Christmas get together the following weekend- it needs to be done in time! We will have 1 real one- but it will be small- maybe like 3-4 feet. And then a little fake one as well, and a Charlie Brown Christmas tree :)
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