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What's Your Thanksgiving Menu?

What's on the menu this year girls?

Also, what are you wearing for Turkey day?

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Re: What's Your Thanksgiving Menu?

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    Whatever my parents make! I might look for some interesting new things to try on Pintrest, but the staples are reserved for my parents. 

    Our Thanksgiving is just going to be my parents, brother and I so it will most likely be very casual. I'd love to dress up, but there's something about streachy sweats and turkey that I don't want to mess with :)
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    We are going to my FI's parents house. My parents will also be joining us so whatever she plans. We are bringing a fried turkey. Probably dark blue dress jeans and a lime tanktop w/ purple cardigan wrap

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  • yodacubyodacub member
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    This year I am in charge of green bean casserole.  So nothing exciting there.  We are deep-frying the turkey, which should be yummy.  FI is bringing some sort of mystery treat that his mom makes - he won't tell me details, though.  Silly FI and his love of surprising people :) 

    I will probably wear dress pants and a sweater.  Nothing too exciting, but dressier than I am on a regular day. 
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    I think turkey, ham, potatoes, rolls, and who knows what else - I've never been to hubby's side's Thanksgiving!!  Then we have a family reunion/Thanksgiving dinner Saturday for my mom's side and that'll have all that stuff, plus a side from everyone coming.  :P  Should be interesting!!

    Nice jeans (no grease stains or paint or holes, if Clint can find some lol) and probably a nice button down flannel shirt.  :)
  • mrandmrsbristmrandmrsbrist member
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    No idea. MIL is cooking, but we're bringing a GF pumpkin pie. :)

    I'm wearing a dress with leggings and boots. Probably my favorite blue dress.
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  • azdancer8azdancer8 member
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    I don't know what we're having. MIL is doing most of the cooking. I'm probably going to bring my family's holiday jello, candy corn cupcakes, and some type of pumpkin dessert.

    No idea what I'll wear. Probably jeans and a sweater.
  • SoonToBeGenaoSoonToBeGenao member
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    DH's family is Puerto Rican and rather than doing the turkey and all the sides for it- they have a traditional PR meal for thanksgiving. So we'll be doing that on thursday. On friday my family has what we call "Turkey Soup Day." We eat ALL the leftovers that my mom makes for thanksgiving Turkey, stuffing etc etc etc AND she makes a turkey soup with the left over turkey stock. I actually love the turkey soup more than the original meal which makes splitting the holiday easy!

    As for what I'm wearing. I have no idea. Probably a dress and boots? Maybe I should start thinking about that....

    And speaking of thinking about things... I don't know what I am bringing for either day. I'll probably bake some desserts while watching the parade thursday morning
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    Appetizers at H's parents, then turkey and whatever else at my parents' for dinner. I have to bring rolls- easy. I have no clue what I'll wear but I love getting dressed up, so it will most likely be a dress, leggings or tights and boots. 
  • iamjoesgurliamjoesgurl member
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    My sister has it at her house and everyone brings something.  We are bringing the green bean casserole!  We'll have turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, and some other stuff (I don't know what everyone is bringing).

    I haven't thought about what I'll wear.  Right now I am just trying to get psyched up for the 5k that I'm going to run that morning.  
  • ochemjennochemjenn member
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    I think there are going to be 8 of us.  I've never hosted T-day with more people than DH and one of our sets of parents before.

    celery, carrots, and dip

    Turkey breast and gravy
    pumpkin ravioli (One of our guests is vegetarian, and DH has been itching to make this ravioli again.)
    cranberry sauce
    green bean casserole
    maybe carrots cooked in the crockpot
    other people are bringing yams, mashed potatoes, and stuffing

    apple pie
    pumpkin pie with whipped cream
    Hot chocolate, tea, coffee
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