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Our wedding was on November 2nd and we just returned from our honeymoon yesterday afternoon.  Everything went very well and I am so incredibly excited to begin our lives together as a married couple.  

Here's a quick recap of our wedding day:
- Getting ready went perfectly.  We were ahead of schedule for everything, I loved my hair and makeup, and my BMs and parents all looked fantastic.
- It drizzled a bit for our outdoor photos, but it didn't last long.  We spent 2 hours in bitter cold weather for photos, but it was worth it!  My only regret was that we only got one photo with our dog (he was in our wedding).  Since it was so cold, we didn't want him to be outside long, and once we got to our venue, he had a mini breakdown (he's a 6 lb yorkie poo with a nice case of separation anxiety).
- FI and I pretty much laughed through our entire ceremony.  I was so glad we were able to have fun with it.  I forgot to move my e-ring to my right hand, so I had kind of an "oh crap" moment and both of our hands swelled for some reason so we had trouble getting our wedding bands on.  The ceremony was a whopping 7 minutes from the time the parents were seated to the time we walked out.  (Sidenote: my dad literally leapt over my train after he presented me to FI and proceeded to his seat - pretty funny).
- The receiving line was long and overwhelming, but I'm glad we did it.  We did table visits as well, but we only made it to about 75% of the tables.
- After my dress was bustled, my clumsy FI stepped on the inch of fabric that dragged on the floor and ripped my dress from underneath.  Luckily, our DJ's assistant came prepared with safety pins, so she saved the day!
- Everything about the reception was perfect aside from the fact that it went by way too quickly!  And I only got to eat a bite of our delicious cake!
- The only major hiccup of the day came when the wedding was over and we moved to the after party at our venue's night club.  The bouncer wouldn't let me in because I didn't have my ID on me (I was still wearing my wedding dress!).  I lost it on him, our DJ asked to speak to the manager, and it ended up turning into a whole big ordeal.  Best part: one of my friends had brought a martini out of the club for me and I stood there drinking it in the lobby and no one said a word about that.  I did eventually get into the club, about a half hour later.  I was livid, but we had fun once all was said and done!

Here are some sneak peeks from our photog:

21811_10151174643987291_1046283999_n_zpsddfa358c Anniversary BabyFruit Ticker

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