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How many no shows and was there any cake leftover?

Hello ladies, congrats to everyone who has had their special day!! My wedding is in 17 days! I'm really excited and kind of stressed too. Anyway, I was just curious if any of you have no shows that rsvp'd yes or if any of you had cake leftover. I've heard some people have had tons leftover, which is fine by me since i'll have no problem finishing it :-)

Re: How many no shows and was there any cake leftover?

  • We invited 205 guests and 170 replied that they were coming.  We ordered cake for 175 people.

    Our wedding was the week of Hurricane Sandy up here in the northeast.  Four people didn't make it due to home damage.  Two people didn't make it due to funeral.  Four people didn't make it due to illness.  I believe that's it.  10 people didn't show, but they all contacted us or my parents to let us know.

    We did not have any extra cake.  Our cake was a huge hit and, from what I hear, people were asking for seconds if it was available.  H and I were up and about all night and we never got to eat our cake.  The venue did wrap it up and send it to our room for the night, but we still never had a chance to eat it.  Kind of bummed about that, since it was AMAZING (I know this from the one bite I took when we did the cake cutting).  Good thing we have the top layer for our 1 year anniversary!

    Good luck with your last couple weeks of planning.  Enjoy every minute of your wedding day - it goes by too fast!  
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  • We had a smaller wedding. About 65 RSVP'd and only 55 showed, we ordered enough cake for 75 but surprisingly there wasnt much left over, and what was my children ate that for breakfast the next day!!

    Happy Planning and try not to stresss everything will be PERFECT!!!
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  • Hello- We had a great time!! I ate some cake during the reception and 2 slices were left in our room for us. I think I ate part of those too! No cake left over to speak of, just the top layer saved for our anniversary.

    We had 80 people accept. Two were unable to come from NJ due to what Hurricane Sandy dealt them and we knew this in advance. Also, 1 sis in law came to ceremony only then had to join her husband in the ER, poor thing. He is fine now but they missed the party.
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  • We had almost 70 say they were coming and two dozen decided not to show up, I'm SO glad we didn't cater and pay by the head (we did a lot of our own food buffet style). I thought it was pretty rude, how hard is it to make a call or send a message when plans change and they are now unable to attend? ;p  We had a fair amount of leftover cake just because we had so few people, we kept the top part but donated the rest to a local homeless shelter :)  Happy planning! :)
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  • My numbers changed almost daily the last 2 weeks, but we ended up having about 150 say and I think only about 5 didn't show. We didn't have a huge cake, I made 2 small cakes so we could cut one and my mom took home a whole cake. We had a self-serve frozen yogurt bar and payed for 140 cups and my mom took home 6 that were left. 

    I used to own a bakery (specializing in cupcakes) and as the baker, I'd tell people to order 1.5 per person because some will eat 2 and some will eat none, but most brides had several dozen left over. If you order about what your RSVP number is, maybe a little less, you should be fine. Also, if depends on how your venue cuts it. If your baker goes by Wilton sizes, those pieces are only about 1"x2" slices and most venues will cut them larger, so order a little more. 
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  • We had 146 RSVP and i think we have about 10-15 not show up (i honestly don't know and don't want to know b/c i would be pissed!)  We bought cake for for 135 and we had a lot left over but i think no one realized it was out! that was the issue! but we enjoyed the left overs!
  • We had around 78-80 RSVP yes. Four people didn't show, but those two couples had storm damage due to Hurricane Sandy. I thought the one couple was a no-show, but it turns out they contacted my in-laws the Wednesday before our Friday wedding to tell them they wouldn't be able to make it, and no one told us until after the fact. Two couples missed the ceremony and most of cocktail hour due to traffic (coming from NY on a holiday weekend after work... horrendous). Oh, and my husband's brother said he'd bring a date but didn't, so I think five in all we had to pay for and didn't come.
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