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Hello Ladies!

I just wanted say hi and to pass on a mini list of things that went on at my wedding, along with some wedding porn to go with it. I was married November 11th, 2011 and hang out on the South Florida Board and November 2011 board if you have any questions. Or you can just reply here or send me PM.

Perfume: Estee Lauder, Sensuous.

Lesson learned: Have extra flowers for corsages. We had one that the florists dropped and it wasn't noticed until she went back to her car to find it and saw it in the driveway....runover.

Centerpiece Ideas: We alternated tables.
Some had these:

(Baby not included)
and these:

(Candles were added to the water once the tables were moved into place)

Sweetheart Table: We were married between the two columns.

Entrance Song: In the Mood by Glenn Miller

The Dances:
The first dance: Fly Me to the Moon by Sinatra

Father-Daughter: Anything You Want by Roy Orbinson

Mother-Son: Then They Do by Trace Adtkins (H is the youngest in his family so it was fitting)

Longest Married Couple Dance: When I Said I Do by Clint Black.
I gave my bouquet away to the longest married couple. The DJ called all married couples to the floor and started eliminating start with "less than 3 hours" We had a couple there married the weekend before us so "Less than a week" Another couple in July "less than 6 months." My BIL got married 10.10.10. so "less than a year and a half" and so on and so forth until the winner at 46 years! Everyone seamed to like it and the winners were very touched by the gesture.

Candy Buffet: There is no such thing as too much candy! A money saving tip: shop after holiday sales. We went after Halloween and ending up saving $300.

Cake Cutting: Grow Old with You by Adam Sandler (Fitting, DH took me to the hospital at 3am in our early dating years because my stomach hurt and I had turned "grey"...  an appendectomy was needed)
Do not stiffle your creativity! Create YOUR cake!

Garter and Tossings
Removal: When a Man Loves a Woman by Rod Stewart

Garter Tossing: Bad Boys by Inner Circle (70% of our guest were cops; including DH!)

Boquet Tossing: Someday my Prince Will Come by Whomever sings for Snow White! (I'm a Disney Girl!)

Placement: She's a Lady by Tom Jones (Ironically, my sister and her boyfriend were up for this and their personalities shown through BIG TIME! He's in the chair...)

Wedding Rice's edible candy hearts....

Goodbye Song: That's What Friend's are For by Dionne Warwick
The DJ had all the guests gather around the dance floor so we could say goodbye to everyone with either a hug or handshake.

Departure Song: Na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, Kiss Him Goodbye! by Steam
The "rice" was fun for us and our guests. The downside; IT.WAS.EVERYWHERE!!!!!! All over my car (I drive a jeep and he had the top off), inside mine and DH's clothes, I can only imagine what the driveway looked like after!

Hope you ladies got some ideas and enjoyed the pictures. We had a blast!

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