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To those just married - walking down the aisle

So I've heard in passing that during the walk down the aisle, all you really notice is your FI at the end & that the nervousness/anxiety of all of the other people watching goes away (or at least lessens).

DId you find this true?

I'm absolutely terrified of the walk down the aisle. We'll have only 30 people in attendance (including officiant & wedding party), but still.

Our location is in a small yoga room; I'm short and if they're going to be standing... I get this overwhelming, suffocating feeling at the thought of all of the other people just towering over me.

Did anyone have fears of walking down the aisle? Was it really as scary as it seemed?
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Re: To those just married - walking down the aisle

  • I was more afraid of tripping down the stairs and I kind of waited until I was a bit closer until I really looked at him, I need new contacts and wouldn't have been able to really see his face until I got closer anyway ;)  I couldn't stop bouncing through the ceremony though, too excited ;)  But no it's not as scary as you're thinking :)
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  • My dad walked me down so we actually giggled and talked. I was also looking at my family and friends. I don't think I looked at him until I was right there.
  • to be honest I don't remember all.  I remember seeing 3 faces....I guess the adrenaline kicked in
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  • I don't remember seeing anyone. Of course the wind was blowing like crazy and I was having a hard time not falling down. I talked to my dad a little and the only person I really looked at was my fiance. I was nervous about it too. And about standing up in front of everyone. But once we got started I forgot anyone was there and it was just me and him.
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  • I didn't even realize who was actually at my wedding until afterwards because I just kep focusing on him.
  • I was nervous, but then as soon as the doors opened and I saw my husband at the end of the aisle, all of my nerves went away. The problem I had is that we practically ran down the aisle! It was really long and we made it in record time. Haha! 

    I did look at my friends in the back row, but then forced myself to look at my husband at the end of the aisle (who was crying). :)
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  • I want to live that moment over and over again. My church looked amazing and seeing him, waiting for me, was the best thing ever!
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