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15 days and gaining weight, OH NO!

So, between the stress, all the appointments (missing gym visits) and everyone who wants to celebrate my last days before marriage, is causing me to gain weight! Nothing significant but thought I sitll could squeeze off 5lbs. Anyone else going through this? Any cleanse suggestions?

Re: 15 days and gaining weight, OH NO!

  • No suggestions, but in the same boat.  I have really made the gym a priorirty with all of the stress!
  • Just watch what you put in your mouth and drink lots of water.

    Also, you can decline these pre=wedding celebrations, if you are that worried.

    Make time for you and don't stress about it or it will get worse
  • I'd say watch your soda intake, I noticed a big difference when I cut that out :)  Agree with lots of water, and breathe :)  
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  • I hear you! I thought I would be at the gym everyday the last few weeks before the wedding (have been going 4-5 times per week for awhile now) but this week has been tough. All we can do is do our best, fit it in the best we can, and make better choices when going out. Thats my goal for the next 2 weeks! 
  • Yeah Agreed I have kind of let my diet go to the waste side. But I am going to get back into it! You just have to watch what you eat! I did the 17 day diet, phase 1 (hard as hell) but I lost 10lbs and I have kept it off, but I can tell i am loosing my tone so i need to hit the gym some more! 
  • Definitely drink water and eat veggies and fruit...and dont stress out!! In the end you will look beautiful, with or without the 510 lbs...Im forcing myself to go everyday for the next 2 weeks, until the day before...I figure if anything, I will keep the water weight down and be less jiggly the day of lol!
  • OMG I meant 5 to10 NOT 510!! Im sorry!!
  • I am not worried too much about it but I do still want to lose 5lb so going to start a routine next week (i waited this long because i don't want to go overboard and lose too much weight since my dress is ready).
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