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Since I picked a date last Thursday I've been in like wedding overdrive. And I'm having the hardest time with picking out colors. I've decided that the main color that I want is purple. Not that I have anything against the harvesty colors, they just aren't for me.

So I've always loved purple and yellows and purples and greys/silvers but I've never thought about it in terms of a wedding..especially MY wedding which I want to be perfect. Does anyone have any colors to pair with a purple?

The theme I'm going for is a backyard almost garden wedding that I'm having at my aunt's house to lives on a lake, very pretty. Its a fairly lower budget wedding so since my mother in law is an expert scrapbooker/crafter and my aunt is a phenomenal event/wedding coordinator hopefully i'll be able to have my dream wedding but not spiral down into eternal debt :P
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