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We picked our music!

I am so grateful to be surrounded by incredibly talented people. My best friend/MOH agreed to do our wedding topper, another dear friend offered to play the piano for our ceremony as our wedding gift, and yet another friend agreed to help us with music for the ceremony. I'll be hiring a violin player in addition to the piano player, and my composer friend has agreed to write piano/duet music for the following pieces:

Music while guests are being seated OR for wedding party entrance, hacen't decided yet:

will end up sounding something like this:

Music for me walking down the aisle:

will end up sounding something like this:

Yes, it's all video game music because FI and I are big dorks. What I love about these pieces is they just sound like pretty songs for anyone who doesn't know better, and an unexpected surprise for those that do.

The only thing left to decide it a third song to either play while everyone is getting seated, or for the WP to walk down to. 

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Re: We picked our music!

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    Love the selections! :) FI is a biiiig PC gamer and we're incorporating some of his favorite video game songs in our ceremony as well. He was super excited that I agreed it...I just kinda looked at him like..well's your ceremony also. Laughing
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    Congrats!! My friend as well is playing the piano when everyone is coming in and then the harp when I walk down the aisle!
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