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Things go wrong.....just laugh

So the wedding is over (11/3) and we are back from our awesome HM. So many things fell apart/didn't get done at the last minute for the was craziness the last couple of days. Some of it was very disappointing, but the most important thing is that we are married and somehow I was just able to laugh through it all. Here's a little recap...maybe it will help you remember something or give you a laugh:
-Sister's (MOH) flight got cancelled due to Hurricane Sandy
-Groom's sister (BM) and mom had the flu
-DIY fresh flowers took soooo much longer to arrange than expected because they had thorns! Actually the arranging wasn't bad but prepping took forever!!
-Programs took WAY longer than they should have because the format I designed them on wasn't compatible with FI's computer so we had to re design. Then printer ran out of ink. Then we put in new ink but it would only print blanks. Then we took to print shop but format was incompatible again. Then we couldn't save as PDF because FI's computer kept crashing. We had to email it to 5 different people til someone could open the format and save as PDF for us. Then after printing we had to go through and cut a bunch of edges because they were messed up....yeah..programs almost didn't happen at all. 
-Day of timeline got lost somehow and I found out day of that our MC had nothing to go on. 
-Rose petals were not delivered on Friday (day before) as they were supposed to be and SAMS couldn't tell me whether they were ever shipped (and now they are refusing to give me my money back because they were delivered Sat. after we were all at wedding). I had to run into a local florist on my way to the venue with my veil and everything on!
-My stylist was 40 minutes late. The one doing my sister & mom's hair was about 30 minutes late and the one doing MOH was about 15 minutes late.
-We forgot to get a cake cutter for the grooms cake until the morning of
-Our videographer was supposed to bring 3 camera's and only had 1
-The wind starting gusting like crazy right as the ceremony started. I stumbled down the aisle because it kept blowing my dress between my legs and tripping me. The decorations on our gazebo kept blowing in DH's BM's face (his 92 year old grandfather!).
-One of my roses got decapitated on our recessional down the aisle and I started bursting out laughing from all the stress and craziness built up. Those pics will probably be funny.
-We did a photo guest book and the person taking the pictures forgot to take two of everyone so they would have one to keep.
-We had a good 15 people not show. Several paid no attention whatsoever to their table assignment, one table ended up only having 3 people sitting at it. DH's cousin and wife told us they couldn't come two days before after rsvping "yes." My cousin's husband suddenly could come 2 hours after we wrote in table numbers (and their table was full) so we had place cards with nice little scratched out numbers.
-About 75% of our guests left right after dinner so they could go home and watch the Bama vs. LSU game. We were so offended by this...we made a really nice reception for them and they didn't even stay for cake. We had to adjust and rush everything in the reception just so there would be some people there. It was crazy. We came home from HM to at least half of the cake and grooms cake in our fridge (and we didn't over order by that much..such a waste). We had to do a fake exit because we were using sparklers and wanted there to be enough people left. We came back and stayed for about another hour cleaning was so anti-climactic. This was the only thing that will really stick with us to tarnish our memories. All of you know how tough it is to finalize your guest list and make cuts and stuff. And then the people who we really wanted there left early for a ball game. It was really hurtful. Oh and the person we were borrowing an amp from for background music after the band was done left early too and took their amp so that killed the party.  We really didn't get to enjoy the reception at all. It just got so crazy.
-DH forgot to ask someone to return the mic from the ceremony. We're still waiting to find out what the fee is going to be on that...

Okay but our honeymoon at the Jewel in Ochos Rios, Jamaica was so awesome and we had a great time. I'll review that later on the HM board. Yay for being married!!
"When life hands you lemons, make a beef stew." Andy Milinokis

Re: Things go wrong.....just laugh

  • Wow, is all I can say! Look at the bright side you're married. Honestly, nothing is 100% but at least now you can look back on it and laugh!


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  • Congrats! Sounds like it was quite crazy, but like you said, at the end the day, you're married. I can't believe people left the reception for a ball game! It takes so much time and effort (and usually money!) to plan a reception. So sorry that people did that.
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  • I am sorry all that happened but at least you had a fabulous honeymoon to make up for it.
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  • Wow, so many things went wrong but at the end of the day you're married to your wonderful husband, and I hope you had a FABULOUS honeymoon!! :)  We had about 20 not show ourselves ;)
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  • Our wedding was a lot of fun, we had a great time but there were some disappointing moments too. For one thing, no one from my family was left at the end of the reception, just some from DH family and my friends. I knew some would leave early due to having small children, but all of them?? Your post shows that we are not alone! We made up for it on the honeymoon, it was an unforgettable trip! Thanks for sharing.

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