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Hair and Makeup artist

When should I start looking for a hair stylest and make up artist. I dont want them to give me the you are way to early im not even going to give you the time of day look or responce. Ive gotten that it it really urks me, Im excited but want to know how much to save and that i have some one when the big day arives.

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    I think it depends on who you are considering...I'm asking a friend to do mine and I've already asked her because it's her normal day off. I think the "normal" timeframe to find/book one is 6-8 months out. I say it doesn't hurt to look around and at least ask for pricing if you know what kind of style you like and what you are wanting! :)
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    I booked my hair stylist and MUA about a month ago.
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    i booked mine back in Sept. shes works in tv and books up quickly so i grabbed her while she was available.
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    I'm a freelance makeup artist and I would book someone over a year out if they contacted me and wanted to! Guess it depends on the artist but I think you can never be too early, espcially if you want to do a trial and/or more than one trial. I once had a bride come to me and I was her 4th MUA trial because she couldn't find anyone that she liked, so it was definitely good that she had gotten started early!
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