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DIY Programs??

Hey Ladies!!

So our church requests that we do programs, I was planning on it anyways but they like to approve them. No big deal. But I wanted to DIY them, is anyone else doing this? Did you use a template?? I can't seem to find a template I like. I want them to be clean and simple.

Re: DIY Programs??

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    Ours are from Vistaprint.  We used a Groupon that I paid $15 for.
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    Do you have Microsoft Publisher? You can use the templates there. We are printing ours out on resume paper and folding it booklet style.
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    I used Publisher too. I am happy to e-mail you mine as a sample but mine is for a Catholic ceremony, which may or may not be relevant for you.
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    Thanks ladies! We don't have publisher but my FI has photoshop....I assume that would work too?? He designed our invites so he knows how to do the design part, I'm just concerned about the order of events and forgetting to list something. I could probably just do a google search and look at a bunch of examples. :)

    cookenstein: Thank you for the offer but we aren't having a Catholic ceremony so yours would probably not be relevant. But I appreciate it! :)
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    I made my sister's programs in Photoshop. They were very plain and black and white since that was the color scheme and the scroll detail from her invites. I included the information she wanted to include like the timeline of the day, important people, the songs and readings, but did not follow any specific template. We printed at home on bright white heavy cardstock. Her printer prints on both sides simultaneously so 200 were printed in 3 hours. I could show you if you'd like. 
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    Ashl, that is what we plan to do... but not sure we'll rpint on both sides since both sides are in different languages.  Fi will do the design for me in photoshop and make them pretty.  We'll print up 25 in English and 25 in Spanish.
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    I used this site for your typical "church" folded in half programs, there are different types there.  I used the one called "ivory swirl gatefold"
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