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So stressed and anxious!

I had a major meltdown Saturday morning before the Shower. So much to do, not enough time (I helped my mom out since she lives an hour and a half away and she was having at our house).

Time is ticking on,  getting closer. So much to, still not enough time.

I feel like I could cry for no reason - trying to spare FI as much as I can from that lol. I'm writing down everything I have left to do and checking it off once it's done. I feel like this is the best way for me to focus without having a melt down.

Sometimes it's just so overwhelming that I can't even think about it, but at the same time, the only thing that'll make it better is to get it done - but some situations I feel like I just don't know what to do. There are a few things that I'm so stuck on.

How is everyone dealing with the last of the things that need done within the last weeks before? How are you dealing with the stress?
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Re: So stressed and anxious!

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    I was married on Saturday and I highly recommend you look at your list and see what you can cut! You don't want to stress yourself out (and your hubby to be) so much that you cant enjoy the last few days before your wedding. Some stress is unavoidable, but honestly, see what you have left and try to cut out as much as you can. I really wanted to have fun table numbers that said something cute about us, but a few weeks before the wedding I just knew I wasnt going to be able to get it done. I cut it out, and no one knew the difference. 
    Good luck and take a deep breath. Your wedding day is going to be amazing no matter what!! Enjoy :)
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    If you can, take off of work for a few days the week of your wedding. You can sleep in a bit,  get last minute things done, and generally destress a little bit. I didn't relax until the day before my wedding. It's okay to be stressed - it's your wedding! Also, all those people asking you if they can help in any way - they mean it. Take them up on their offers. I originally planned on picking up a bridesmaid in the next town over, but my dad offered to do it for me, and just that little thing made a world of difference.

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    Agree with the above posts

    If there is something that can be cut, cut it - programs for example

    If you need help making something, get your family, bridal party or even you and your FI can do it.  2 is better than 1

    If its just the hectic nature of final meetings and payments, I understand where you're coming from.  I fell asleep last night 8PM and called it a night, lol.  Becomes very busy and tiresome.  I hate my personal life being as busy as my work life, not right!

    Make sure you have time off before your wedding, I have 4 days off next week.  Schedule yourself something relaxing, even for an hour, a pedicure the day before your wedding, a massage, something.  Hell, grab a coffee and read a book in starbucks!

    It'll all work out in the end
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    I'm not alone! You're not alone!

    At about the 3-4 weeks left mark, I got into the "I just want to cry" stage. With 5 days left, I feel like I'm passed it. I'm getting married on Monday, and I'm working through Friday. However, I arranged the wedding weekend with free time. It's even in all-caps on my timelines. And I'm guarding it carefully. I'm sure out-of-town relatives would like to spend more time with me, etc., but I'm naturally an introvert, and I will not be able to get through the reception if I spend the 2 days prior in crowds and rushing to appointments.
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    Thanks for the responses. There actually isn't too much we can cut out. We already have a pretty simplified wedding lol The only thing we can change is rock ceremony for candle. It's a bog thing that's causing. A lot of anxiety - trying to find an acceptable basket to hold them. It is really appropriate for us, but I did talk to FI about maybe switching to candle if we need to. The rest is day of coordination. I really wish we had the ceremony at 5:30 instead of 5 as it would give is a little extra time, but obviously a little late for that. Food has to be picked up. Cupcakes have to be picked up. Set up. Chairs set up. Tables set up after ceremony. Beverages are making my head spin. Perks and draw backs for our decision on this wedding. Less expensive but a little more dig stuff. We're trying to find a schedule in how and who for day of. I had FI as our officiant if we could maybe drop off stuff there the night before. That'd be a huge relief. Our major things are paid - photos and food. Our wedding is he saturday after thanksgiving so I at least have the 2 days off before. I was going to make my first thanksgiving dinner this year, but that was quickly changed lol so I would just have to do dinner at FI's parent's then thats it. But Friday is just relaxation and getting nails done. My mom will be coming down some time thursday, so I'm hoping it'll just be relaxing with my mom.
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    Im getting married in one day :) Make Lists! That was what kept me sane and just knowing that in the end its a small detail of a big day. Your giong to end up married and everyone will have fun. My go to sayings these days is "it is was it is..." (especially yesterday when my dog ate my topper) I took on a lot of little tasks I figure whatevers dones done...not a whole lot you can do about it:) 
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    I understand. About a week ago I wanted to cry becaues of the whole tuxedo thing and still in the back of my mind I'm worried that one guys' won't fit.
    Oh well. .. 
    Anyways, we're getting married on the 24th and it's getting here so fast! I'm trying not to think about it honestly!

    But don't worry it will all be okay!
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    Omg.. MrsRMackiewics! I had to laugh about the dog eating the topper...

    shemiahl, I'm sure the tux situation will work out! I can understand the worry though.

    My brother got measured for his tux last Sunday & they told him that they'd have him come in on the 21st to try on so they can make any adjustments if need be. I started freaking out because they are supposed to pick up their tuxes that day because of Thursday being the holiday. My mom called and got it sorted.

    I'm starting to feel a little more calm. Our officiant said it wouldn't be a problem to take stuff and store it the night before so we don't have to drag it all there. The salon is open until 4, so that gives them about half hour to set up... though the main thing is the chairs. We've had a lot of volunteers.

    My mom has been a HUGE help. I've told her the biggest things that are stressing me out - the biggest being getting everything there (which is now resolved) and the drinks which my mom helped me resolve.

    So we got 2 issues sorted out. I feel like I can deal with the rest. At least, I can manage much better. I still have my list going. I think I need to put alarms in my phone because I know I keep forgetting things because there's just so much going on (5 trips to the grocery store last week for example!).
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