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Breakfast at Tiffany's theme

Hi everyone I need help deciding what kind and color of flowers I should get. I have the Tiffany and co color as well as black. My bridesmaids are wearing black. I want crystals included in everything as well I'm just not sure how. Please help!

Re: Breakfast at Tiffany's theme

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    If it was me...since you're using the Tiffany & Co. colors, and the BMs are wearing black, I would probably just make the flowers all white with Tiffany blue ribbon.

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    The white flowers with the ribbon is a great idea - for the bling, you can buy crystals or rhinestones and put them on a few of the flowers or glue them on the ribbon around the flowers.  Or buy some of the blingy ribbon wrap and have that around your flowers.
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    The white flowers with Tiffany blue ribbon sound great. You can add light touches of green in the flowers as well. I think roses, hydrangeas, calla Lillie's, and orchids would look nice. Try manzanita trees with hanging crystals as centerpieces. They are pretty easy to make and not too pricey if you are a DIY person. You can add bling wrap to anything...bouquets, napkin rings, pillar candles, glass vases, etc.

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