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9 months!!!

I'm so excited - only 9 more months until I marry the man of my dreams!!  I feel like I have nothing to do right now, though....everything is taken care of for now!!  Anyone else bored in the planning process?
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Re: 9 months!!!

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    No-- I have a lot to do! Like, I'm not stressed yet, but there are many things that need to get done.
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    I have so much to get done! I only have my dress and the venue for our ceremony/reception!
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    I am ready for the date to be here! blah, I still have a good chunk to do but honestly I am probably a little ahead or on schedule! 
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    I've got 8 months, 23 days, 1 hour, and 28 minutes (but who's counting?) lol

    I'm definitely ready for the day to get here already.  I'm so impatient!

    We have everything done at this point also, so I'm keeping myself busy with working out.  Might as well do something productive!
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    I'm ready for it to get here too!! We have all the big stuff done, so its pretty much just all the little things/details from here on out!

    It's all going by so quick!
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    I am very ready for the date to get here. I feel like I have been ready since October haha
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    nessbecc-- That's about what we have done, too. The venue and my dress. Well, and the STDs just came in the mail yesterday, so I have to get those done now. I seriously can't wait. It's going to be so fun!

    Seth keeps making fun of me, though. I'm obsessed.
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    I still have a lot to do...but we also just got the church, reception area as well as me getting my dress.....but i am not stressed yet.....
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    I can't wait either!! But it is so overwhelming!!! We are not going to do STDs, we are not having a big wedding, just family and close friends! But good luck and I'm hoping to get on the ball!!!
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    Yay!!! So now I have my photographer and videographer!!! Next big this are our officiant and d.j!!! I'm getting more and more excited!
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    Oh exciting!

    We only started booking/confirming things in the last month.  We are bartering between 2 limo bus companies for a "best price" and we are trying to get a string quartet lined up.  Dress shopping for the first time tomorrow and also Saturday.  Otherwise the ceremoney, reception, decorator, photographer, dj, cake, and indoor photo location are booked and secured! I am wondering if I am missing anything else!
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