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72 days and counting...

So close to the two month mark!!  I've been really freaking out since I unexpectidly lost my job, so many things are up in the air (including the honeymoon unfortunatly) and just trying to figure out how we're going to pay for the remaining things, the stress is really taking a toll. On a good note, we get to meet our officiant on Sunday!  I'm really looking forward to that, it's the first real pre-wedding anything come to think of it since we did our engagement pics so many months ago ;)  Our shower is set for next month, and I'm hoping to do some kind of girls night out a few weeks after that since I don't know if anyone is planning any kind of bach party and our schedule is so hectic.I got my paper lanterns done for the centerpieces, as done as they're going to get anyway, still have other DIY projects to do that I just haven't been excited enough to work on.  Anyone else as big a stress-ball as me right now? ;)  
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Re: 72 days and counting...

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    After months of negativity and misery, I quit my job recently as well. I know exactly how you feel. I probably have a freak out at least once a week because I feel like a money wasting hobo everytime I ask my FI to buy something! Thankfully, we put huge payments down on a lot of stuff before I even had the idea to quit. But somedays that is not enough for me to get over my bum status feeling. 
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    Sorry to hear about that.  Wedding funds are a stressful period, job or no job!  You can always take your honeymoon later, that's not uncommon :)  And it'll be an exciting trip several months after your wedding, or even a 1 year anniversary "moon".

    But 72 days, omg! lol
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    So sorry to hear about your job.  I know you want a honeymoon, but maybe you could delay it 6 months or a year?  And is there anything you can cut back on or DIY?  You don't want to go in debt over a wedding and honeymoon!

    I'm actually not very stressed at all as far as wedding planning goes.  We got engaged almost exactly a year ago and we moved full speed ahead with the planning right away.  I think we had most of the big things done and all of our vendors booked in less than 6 months after we got engaged.  So we don't have much left to do at this point.

    Tomorrow is my bachelorette party and Sunday we hit the 2 month mark!
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    I totally feel like a bum, you nailed it ashl_bee! ;)

    We had planned to go to Costa Rica, found an Amazingly priced hotel, those plans got nixed thankfully before they were paid for because of an unexpected move (neighbor problems) so we downgraded to renting a cabin in the mountains for a few days.  We are both huge travel nuts so having to just stay home is such a disappointment :/  But who knows, maybe something will pop up quick and we won't have to :)
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    Sorry about your job... hopefully things will work out  and you can enjoy your day instead of stress over it.

    I have been eerily calm leading up to the wedding.  I think it's because I decided to let go of this thought of  perfection.  I just want to have fun and have things go smoothly...and being such a planner, I hope it will.  But really if things don't, who cares.  As long as we all have fun.
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