i actually have an etiquette question, but i used this local board last year to plan my wedding from across the country and everyone was so helpful! my girlfriend is getting married next month. it is black tie, so normally i would wear a black cocktail dress but her colors are black white and red so is black appropriate?

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  • I think black is fine to wear to a black tie wedding.  Yeah it's known as the color of mourning, but I've seen people wear black at evening weddings before and I think it's fine.  If you want it to look less somber, make sure the dress has details/texture/color accents.
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  • Are you worried about wearing black because it's one of her colors? I think it would be okay, I would assume a lot of people will be wearing black since the wedding is so formal. If you feel uncomfortable about it you could always do a charcoal color or something. 
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  • should be alright,black is the universal colour, you can wear it anywhere and won't look out if place
  • My colors are black and ivory (BM dresses are black) and I've been telling people to wear black if they wish.  I don't think this is off limits anymore - especially for a formal wedding.
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