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Got our rings!

I'm so happy we just got our rings! The band I really want that matches my ring is way too expensive right now, so we had to go with something cheaper and I'm so excited that we found one that'll work on a super good sale for $117! My fiance just wanted something cheap since he'll probably beat his up, so we just ordered a tungsten ring on Amazon for only $25! I'm pretty happy that we got both of our rings for less than $150! :)

We plan to upgrade my ring to the full diamond band for our 5th anniversary, or sooner if we can pay off debt sooner. :)
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Re: Got our rings!

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    How exciting! 

    Ours came in around June or July but the jeweler advised they can keep them locked up in store and under their warranty so we won't lose them, etc.  So we left them at the store and we'll pick them up in Nov.  FI has yellow gold and I have a semi circle of diamonds "shared prong/setting" in yellow as well.

    Somebody asked if we were getting ours engraved with our wedding date or names on the inside.  I thought it was a nice idea, but I'm not sure if we'll do it or not. 

    Anybody else engraving anything on the inside?
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    We got his ring, waiting till next weekend to meet with his aunt and pick mine out.

    His says 11.10.12 inside b/c it was free and well, now he can't forget the date!
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    LOL I like the idea of putting just the date! ;)  He can never forget! ;D

    We've had ours for a while, still paying them off tho.  They're locked up safe at his mom's house. We had thought about sodering (sp?) my E ring and band together since they cradle, but it all depends on money and if they actually stay where they're supposed to ;)

    Snowdaisy- I like your plan :)  very smart!
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    I just picked up our rings today. We didn't get ours engraved. Mine was too small to get anything on it and FI felt that if I couldn't get it engraved, he didn't want to get his engraved either. We were just going to do our date. 
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    Yay congrats!  We got ours a few weeks ago and I almost wish that we COULD have left them at the store.  I'm so scared I'm going to lose them between now and the wedding.  We are going to get them engraved a little closer to the date so that we can also get them resized then.  We're still deciding on what to engrave, but it will probably be just the date.
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    Hi, I selected the matching band for my e-ring yesterday at the jewelry store where we got it, and ordered it yesterday! We're going to pick his out when we go back to pick up mine. The jeweler said his will come in quickly. My fiance does not normally wear any jewelry, so we are not going to spend much on his. He probably will not wear it all the time, but I know I will wear both of mine.
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    We both got simple gold bands with matching engraving "Faith, Hope, Love." They are sitting in the box in FI's dresser drawer. We have had them for about a month, they were an easy thing to knock of the to-do list and spread out the costs!
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    Wow, that's an amazing deal, snowdaisy!

    We bought our wedding bands last November because they were on sale.  Mine is a diamond band that matches my e-ring and his is tungsten.  

    FI doesn't wear jewelry, but I don't know many men that do.  He will be wearing his wedding band all the time though.  
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    We've had ours since early May....they're locked up in our safe. We are also considering getting them engraved...
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    Well we've had fi's for a while sitting in the jewelry box in our bedroom.  He is not a jewelry person so we got him a cheap stainless steel ring that he liked (the design looks Mayan).  

    I got my bands a while ago too but will be looking into getting a different band since I changed my e-ring and the bands I have don't really go.  Will trade the current bands in to offset the cost of the new band.
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